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Unipal App

Unipal is a Bahraini student benefit App that is designed to make Zain Youth Plans subscribers and University students' lives better! Subscribers will get a Digital Student ID, access the map to locate offers around you, and a saving tracker to keep track of how much you saved and too many benefits. Unipal serves the everyday lifestyle of students!

On the Unipal App, Zain Youth Subscribers can register using their mobile number. If the number is an active Zain Youth number then the user will automatically become a verified Unipal member and their membership will be upgraded to Haiba. 

• What is Unipal Haiba membership?

Unipal Haiba is a premium membership which is provided for any Zain Youth plan Subscribers for free for a promotional period. The Haiba membership gives premium offers, digital vouchers, savings tracker and much more. For more details please visit:

• If I already have a Unipal membership and I just joined Zain, how can I activate my Free Haiba?

If you already are registered in Unipal, you can simply open Unipal app and click on 'profile' > select 'Become Haiba' > and then choose the 'Zain Free Haiba' option. Unipal's system will detect whether your Zain Youth plan is active or not. In case it is, you will be directly upgraded to Haiba. If not, you will be redirected to Zain's e-shop to subscribe or activate a Zain Youth package. 

• What does Unipal offer to Zain Youth plan subscribers?

Unipal provides all active Zain Youth plan subscribers access to more than 200 discounts & offers using digital ID. Zain Youth subscribers also will receive special benefits such as digital rewards, a savings tracker to keep track of all savings and premium support services. 

• How can I change my password?

You will be able to change your password through the Unipal App. Click on your profile page > choose account details > then select 'change password'.

 What if I forgot my Password?

You can click on "forgot your password" in the log-in page and they will be able to change it.

 Who is eligible for the Unipal Membership?

Currently, only full-time university students, fresh graduates and Zain Youth members are eligible to for the Unipal membership.

• How do I redeem a discount or a special offer?

Once you show your digital ID Unipal number and choose the offer you want to get from Unipal, you can simply save and show the ID to the store. Some stores have online offers you can use! To take advantage of them and  check the "Terms and Conditions" of the offer you want.

• How long will a Zain Youth be able to subscribe to Free Haiba?

For a promotional period, Zain Youth users will have a free Haiba membership as long as they have an active Zain Youth plan.

• How can I get in touch with Unipal team directly?

For more details, you can contact the Unipal team through the App by tapping on the "Profile" section > then selecting "Contact us".

You can also contact them via the following:

WhatsApp: +973 66622337


Instagram: @unipal_bh

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