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Youth Plans

DON’T STOP SCROLLING! Unleash endless FUN with our youth plans and enjoy more data, calls and benefits!

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​Freedom to post stories and refresh your feed all day long with the new 𝗲𝗲𝗭𝗲𝗲 𝗬𝗼𝘂𝘁𝗵 𝗽𝗿𝗲𝗽𝗮𝗶𝗱 𝗽𝗹𝗮𝗻!

Get it now for BD8 only and enjoy Up to 40GB Data, 200 Local Minutes & Unlimited calls to Zain!

Visit our main_page_eshop_eng.png eShop, your nearest Zain branch or dial *123*40# to Subscribe! 

PackageYouth eeZee Prepaid Monthly*
BD 8​
Zain to Zain calls
Free Local Minutes 200 mins​
Free Data 11 GB
​Social Media*
Upto 40GB​ Social Media
​Local Calls Charges  16 fils/min​
SMS Local  32 fils
SMS International 32 fils
Validity  30 days
To subscribe 
​Starter pack Price
BD 8​

*5% VAT inclusive

Youth eeZee Prepaid Monthly Terms and Conditions
-New Prepaid Youth Package Applicable only for the age group (16-24)
-Usage of data for tethering will be consumed from the main data allowance only. Upon the full consumption of data allowance, the usage of data for tethering will be disabled.
-*Upon plan activation, 5GB data gets added to the line and then incremental 5GB every month (up to 40GB) upon successful package renewal. Social data is applicable for What's App, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube & TikTok. 
- Customer who opt-out from the package will lose the 5GB accumulation and start from the beginning with fresh 5GB when resubscribe.
-Social Media data usage is valid as long as the package's main data allowance is not fully consumed.

General Terms and Conditions
-On consuming full data, the data access will be stopped temporarily until the next renewal. In order to continue enjoying the data services, customers can choose from a variety of single data pass or re-subscribe to the pass.
-Upon deactivating the pass from the pack, data charges will be applied at a rate of 32 fils/100KB and local calls (Zain & other local networks) 32 fils/minute.
- Zain has the right to withdraw this package at any time.

Data Pass:

Additional Data Top-up Once Off Fee ​Validity
1 GB
BD 1.050 ​3 days
4 GB BD 3.150 ​7 days
8 GB 20GB* BD 5.250 ​15 days 
20 GB 50GB* BD 10.500 ​30 days

​-5% VAT inclusive
- Top-ups can be used for a set period without being auto-renewed.
-Usage is limited to the threshold of the selected pass. 

*Limited time promotion

5G Pass:

5G Pass Price ​Subscription
Prepaid 5G Pass
BD 5.250/month
Free for a promtional period
Activated Automatically


  • -5% VAT inclusive
  • -Prepaid 5G Pass will provide access to our 5G network, please make sure that your handset supports 5G.

YouTube & Netflix Top-ups:

BundleThreshold*Price ​Validity
To Subscribe Enquiry
YouTube Bundle
60 GB
BD 4.2
​30 Days
Netflix Bundle60 GB
BD 4.2
​30 Days


-5% VAT inclusive
*Usage is limited to a daily threshold of 2GB.
* Usage of data for tethering will not be consumed from the above bundles and will be consumed from the main package allowance.

Service Fees:

Service Once-off Fee*
Port-in BD 4.200
SIM Card Replacement BD 3​.150
Change of Owner 
BD 5.250


​​*5% VAT inclusive

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