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What is Zain’s FUN Program?

As part of Zain Bahrain Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) towards empowering the youth of Bahrain, Future University Network (FUN) program has been designed to train Bahraini university students through exposing them to real business world challenges that will increase their employability skills and prepare them for the labour market after graduation.

What are the fields of experience?

Retail Sales
Customer Care
Community Service activities
Rotation to other departments

Which skills you will gain?

Communication Skills
Dealing with different types of people
Problem Solving
Time Management
Decision Making
Sales Skill 
Thinking skills
& Many More Business Skills 

What is the selection criteria?

1) Bahraini 
2) Age 19-24
3) 3rd year university or Diploma holder
4) Willing to be trained on shift basis
5) Fluent in English & Arabic

What is the selection process?

1) Candidates who pass the ability tests, assessment and/or interview will be initially shortlisted.
2) Shortlisted candidates will undergo 4-5 weeks of in-house Training Program (TP).
3) The TP consist of three stages: theoretical, practical and business simulation, in which a test is conducted after each stage.
4) Passing the tests is necessary to continue in the TP.
5) Upon TP completion, successful candidates are selected in batches according to highest marks.

Interested to apply?