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Zain Advance Credit Service

What is Zain Advance Credit Service?
Zain Advance Credit Service is a service that allows you to get credit in the form of Airtime, Data or Bundles when you need it the most and pay back the next time you top up. 

Who is eligible for the Zain Advance Credit Service?
You must be a Zain Prepaid Subscriber for more than 180 days before you can access this service and have regular recharges.

How can I get advance credit?
It is simple! You can request the service through the channel of your preference!

USSD:  Just dial *456# and choose the airtime amount you want to borrow or choose the “Data pass” or “Local Calls Pass” for borrowing data or bundles. 

SMS: You can also request the service by sending a SMS to 98888 with the keywords:
“SOS” to borrow airtime credit
“DATA” to borrow Data
“VOICE” to borrow Local Calls Pass

You can also receive an invitation via USSD or SMS to access the service when you are trying to make a call, send a SMS, navigate in internet, or purchase a bundle and you have insufficient balance for it. You just need to accept it and continue enjoying your Zain services.   

How much credit can I borrow?
You can now borrow airtime, Data, and bundles from 0.5 BD to 11 BD value. 

How much will I be charged when paying back? 
A service charge of 20% of the requested credit is charged as commission and will be deducted with the credit amount once you top up.

What can I use the borrowed airtime for?
You can use it for all activities regular airtime is used for. i.e Voice Calls, SMS, Data & VAS

How can I check my outstanding credit?
It is simple! Just dial *456#, choose the option “Account” and then “Outstanding amount” and a message with the outstanding amount will be displayed. 

How can I pay the credit?
Once you top up, the outstanding credit will be deducted. In case the value of your top up is lower than the outstanding amount, a partial recovery will be applied, and the remaining will be deducted upon your next top up.

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