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By using this product, You are deemed to have read and agreed to the following Terms and Conditions. The following terminology applies to these Terms and Conditions:
“Subscriber”, “You” and “Your” refers to you, the person participating in this service and accepting ZAIN’s Terms and Conditions. ZAIN, “We” and “Us”, refers to ZAIN ADVANCED CREDIT SERVICE refers to this product, the subject matter of these Terms and Conditions. “Party” and “Parties refers to either the Subscriber or ZAIN and both the Subscriber and ZAIN respectively.

ZAIN ADVANCED CREDIT SERVICE refers to a product which allows eligible prepaid Subscribers to access the credit service when their airtime balance is low or out of balance. 

“ADVANCED CREDIT SERVICE account” refers to the dedicated account which will be created when a Subscriber’s request for advance credit is approved. 

It will be credited with 80% of the airtime requested for. The remaining 20% will be withheld as a service charge.

The following Terms and Conditions refer to the offer, acceptance, and consideration necessary for the Subscriber to participate in the use of ZAIN’s ADVANCED CREDIT SERVICE:

1. The ZAIN’s ADVANCED CREDIT SERVICE will be available to eligible Prepaid Subscribers only.
2. Eligibility criteria for the ZAIN ADVANCED CREDIT SERVICE include but is not limited to the

SIM must be prepaid 
SIM must be registered
SIM must be active
Subscriber’s main account balance reaches certain threshold
ZAIN’s consideration of Subscriber’s average monthly spend 

3. ZAIN ADVANCED CREDIT SERVICE can be accessed via the following channels:
USSD code by dialling *456# 
SMS by sending keywords to 98888
Subscribers can also receive an invitation via SMS or USSD to access the service when they are trying to make a call, send a SMS, navigate in internet, or purchase a bundle and they have insufficient balance. 

4. Different credit bands are available to different subscribers, depending on the subscriber’s profile. 

5. ZAIN ADVANCED CREDIT SERVICE airtime denominations can be introduced and/or existing denomination withdrawn as the need arises without prior notice to Subscribers.

6. ZAIN ADVANCED CREDIT SERVICE airtime will be loaded in a special ADVANCED CREDIT account for successful requests.

7. A service charge of 20% of the requested airtime is charged per successful request. 

8. Subsequent chargeable services e.g. call, SMS, Data used by a Subscriber will be charged from his/her ZAIN ADVANCED CREDIT SERVICE account and not from the main account once the ZAIN ADVANCED CREDIT SERVICE account has been credited.

9. ZAIN ADVANCED CREDIT airtime can be used for all chargeable activities on the ZAIN network including but not limited to the following:
Voice calls
Prepaid Data Bundles

10. A Subscriber must recharge her/his account via any of the available physical, logical, or virtual recharge channels to payback the ZAIN ADVANCED CREDIT SERVICE airtime borrowed. The amount borrowed is first deducted from the recharge amount and the balance, if any, will then be loaded in the Subscriber’s main account.

11. In cases where the recharge amount is less than the outstanding ZAIN ADVANCED CREDIT SERVICE amount, subsequent recharges will be used to recover whatever is outstanding until the loan is fully recovered.

12. When a Subscriber exhausts her/his ZAIN ADVANCED CREDIT SERVICE Total Credit Limit (TCL), the Subscriber will not be able to make chargeable calls or perform any other chargeable activity until the credit advanced to her/him is paid back in full by recharging her/his account.

13. However, a Subscriber will still be able to call Customer Care or any other toll-free number when s/he exhausts her/his ZAIN ADVANCED CREDIT SERVICE airtime.

14. A Subscriber will still be able to receive calls when s/he exhausts her/his ZAIN ADVANCED CREDIT SERVICE airtime.

15. A Subscriber will be required to pay back the full amount of airtime borrowed even if the airtime has not been used at all.

16. There is no limitation on the number of times a Subscriber can borrow ZAIN ADVANCED CREDIT airtime, as long as s/he meets all other eligibility criteria and is within his/her credit limit.

17. As far as the law allows, by applying for ZAIN ADVANCED CREDIT, you expressly consent to the collection and use of your Personal Information as set out below.

18. Information collected. When you apply for a ZAIN ADVANCED CREDIT SERVICE, you agree that we might gather certain information about you for the purpose of evaluating if we can offer the ZAIN ADVANCED CREDIT SERVICE to you. This includes your mobile phone number, your name and surname, date of birth, identity or passport number and all information about your ZAIN Account and how you use it (“Personal Information”).

19. Mandatory collection. The collection of your Personal Information is mandatory (compulsory). This means that for you to receive a ZAIN ADVANCED CREDIT SERVICE from us, you must give consent to sharing your Personal Information with us and certain third parties.

20. If we do not receive the Personal Information or You withdraw Your consent, we cannot offer you a ZAIN ADVANCED CREDIT SERVICE. 

21. When you apply for a ZAIN ADVANCED CREDIT SERVICE you agree that we may also share certain Personal Information about you to third parties for profiling and regulatory purposes and to evaluate if we can offer a ZAIN ADVANCED CREDIT SERVICE to you. 

22. Sharing your Personal Information with third parties. To the extent permitted by law, by accepting these Product Terms and Conditions you expressly consent and authorize the Provider to share your Personal Information with any:
- local or international law enforcement or competent regulatory or government agency to help prevent, detect, investigate or prosecute criminal activities or fraud;
- other third party authorized under applicable laws; 
- other third party that is needed to provide the ZAIN ADVANCED CREDIT SERVICE, and
- Credit Reference Bureau (amongst others) conducting credit checks or reporting to the Credit Reference Bureau as may be customary in the market or required by law.

23. How long is your Personal Information stored. We will keep your Personal Information for as long as needed to keep giving you access to our services and to give you access to our products.

24. Right to correct Personal Information. You may access to the information we and every third party has about you and ask to correct incorrect information. There may be a reasonable cost involved in exercising this right which may change from time to time.

25. Right to be remove Personal Information. You have the right to ask us to delete all your Personal Information, however, by doing so we will not be able to give you access to any further products.

26. Security safeguards. We promise that we will observe adequate and comprehensive security safeguards to protect any unauthorised use or access to your Personal Information.

27. The Subscriber’s attention is specifically drawn to the provisions of these conditions which limit the liability of ZAIN:
Except as expressly set out in these Terms and Conditions, all warranties, and representations, whether express or implied, and whether arising in contract or under common law or by statute are excluded to the fullest extent permissible by law.
In no event shall ZAIN or any officer, staff or employee of ZAIN be liable for any direct, indirect, special, exemplary, punitive, incidental or consequential damages of any kind, whether based in contract, tort or otherwise, which arise out of or are in any way connected with ZAIN ADVANCED CREDIT SERVICE or its terms.
You acknowledge and agree that ZAIN reserves the right to revise these Terms and Conditions at any time for any reason and reserves the right to make changes at any time, without notice of obligation, to any of the information and materials contained under these Terms and Conditions. You further acknowledge and agree that by use of this product, you will be bound by any such revisions to the ZAIN ADVANCED CREDIT SERVICE, and that ZAIN has encouraged you to periodically visit its website ( to review these Terms and Conditions.
ZAIN reserves the right to amend or cancel the Terms and Conditions of this service or to withdraw the service entirely without notice.
It is acknowledged that all ZAIN services including ZAIN ADVANCE CREDIT SERVICE are provided subject to the ZAIN Code of Practice published on its website