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Manama – 17 March 2021:  Zain Bahrain, a leading telecommunications operator in the Kingdom of Bahrain, hosted a Zain TALKS session for its employees in celebration of International Women's Day wherein eminent Bahraini women icons were lauded. The session was delivered by prominent coach practitioner, Dr. Hooreya Abbas in collaboration with the Bahrain Society for Training and Development (BSTD). Dr. Abbas is a writer of repute in the Women's Development field and is a member of the Supreme Council for Women. Zain TALKS is one of Zain Bahrain's development programs that is focused on initiatives driven towards inclusivity and sustainability first started in 2018.


Dr. Abbas who holds a Ph.D. in media and communication has also achieved professional certificates in training, coaching, and international ceremonies. She is a well-known trainer in leadership skills and personal and career development. During the TALKS session, Dr. Abbas spoke at length about 'Bahraini women icons in the press world'.  She addressed the reality of Bahraini women in society based on a long history of urbanization and advancement, and how these women constantly give back to society. She also highlighted the role media has played in creating awareness about women and their participation in various fields of development; and focused on the past and present of Bahraini women in society. Dr. Abbas also explained the importance of inclusivity and how an inclusive culture embraces and celebrates differences – differences in experiences, differences in backgrounds, and differences in ways of thinking.


Commenting on successfully hosting the Zain Talk session, Mr. Salah Al Kooheji, Manager, Learning & Development at Zain Bahrain said, "Zain Bahrain is at the vanguard when it comes to sustaining an inclusive culture making it a critical priority in all aspects. We have a long-standing commitment to ensuring that everyone within the company understands the importance and need for diversity & inclusion and we are glad to have a coach like Dr. Abbas who could further highlight the importance of inclusivity that helps forge a gender-equal culture in the workplace. Through this TALKS Session, we join in celebrating the tremendous efforts by women in Bahrain who inspire, lead, and who have made a difference in the society."

Commenting on the session, Dr. Hooreya Abbas said, "I believe that inclusion in the workplace will continue to be a vital component in 2021 and beyond. Hence, it is important to make our people aware of the importance diversity and inclusivity hold today. There is a sense of loyalty and belonging when employees feel included; research shows that diverse and inclusive workplaces have a higher rate of employee engagement. Through the Zain TALKS session, I was able to highlight points related to workplace inclusivity, employee engagement, and Bahraini women who have been guiding lights and have made a difference in society." She added, "I am elated that Zain Bahrain has inclusion as an integral part of their company values and would like to take this opportunity to thank them for inviting me to address their employees."

Zain Bahrain is committed to creating a culture of belonging and an environment where each employee's voice is heard, and their value is evident. Zain Bahrain has diversity-driven incentive programs to help solve workplace challenges and enhance a diverse environment thereby inspiring the employees to maintain a healthy environment that sustains happiness, wholeness, creativity, and productivity.


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