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During the eighth ceremony of the institutions of excellence in training and human resources development

Zain Bahrain General Manager Receives Top Award

The General Manager of Zain Bahrain, the most innovative operator in the Kingdom, Mr Mohammed Zainalabedin, was awarded during the Ministry of Labour's Annual Honours Ceremony. ​

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The Best CEO Award comes in appreciation of Mr. Zainalabedin's role and outstanding efforts in providing a rewarding and empowering work environment along with on-going training and development initiatives for Bahraini workforce. 

"The achievement is yet another success story that emphasizes Zain's Bahrain position as employer of choice. We firmly believe that the true wealth of an organization is its human capital," said Mr. Mohammed Zainalabedin.

"Investing in training and developing the human capital is at the core of Zain Bahrain's corporate philosophy and it is essential to invest in our people in order to sustain and outperform our achievements," he added.​

"Zain Bahrain's corporate philosophy is to provide world-class training and development programs and to foster a corporate culture of empowerment, trust and fostering innovation. We are dedicated towards providing employment opportunities for the various segments of our society," he said.

The award ceremony was held at the Diplomat Radisson SAS and aims to celebrate and recognize outstanding companies and employees from the private sector.

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