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Zain Bahrain organizes 'Creating the Creative Idea' TALKS session to foster employees' creative skills 

Zain Bahrain, the leading Mobile Broadband network operator in the Kingdom, announced the hosting of Zain TALKS session for its employees, focused on enhancing their creative and business thinking. The session titled 'Creating the Creative Idea' was delivered by Dr. Salah Meemar, a renowned leader with a solid educational background from the world's top institutions who is currently an Associate Professor at Taibah and UAE Universities. As part of the TALKS session, employees were familiarized with various components of creativity in the workplace, such as fluency, flexibility, originality, which will further lead Zain Bahrain reach institutional innovation and achieve the best possible results.


Started in 2018, Zain TALKS is one of Zain Bahrain's main developmental initiatives that invites Bahraini and GCC intellectuals working in different fields to address Zain employees, broaden their knowledge and inspire them through sharing their experience and success stories. Zain Bahrain believes that creativity fosters innovation which is a catalyst for business growth and success and hence invited Dr. Salah Meemar to deliver the session focusing on creativity. Dr. Meemar is a creative veteran who has published 19 books on leadership and thinking skills, and has provided over 200 training courses for more than 100,000 participants worldwide.


During the session, Dr. Meemar focused on how creativity is used to create a competitive advantage for organizations and highlighted the components of creativity in the workplace. The session further elaborated on how employees could become successful leaders and work creatively to compete and sustain by fostering a culture of creativity.


Commenting on the successful completion of the TALKS session, Salah AlKooheji Manager, Learning & Development at Zain Bahrain, said, "Zain Bahrain aims to sustain a culture that possesses constant creativity and fosters innovation, and this session is aligned with our direction in promoting creativity. The session helped our employees to deeply understand and acquire a variety of creative tools to generate new solutions and business ideas. It also allows our employees to challenge their thinking process and further assists them to explore uncharted territories of business. We also firmly believe that having creative, well-spirited employees will keep us ahead of the curve."


Dr. Salah Meemar, the spokesperson of the TALKS session, commented, "Through this session, I focused on building the employees' unique creative thinking and provided them with strategies to think outside the box. I believe people by nature are creative, and if placed in the right atmosphere with the right creative training and tools, they can tap into their inherent talent. I am thankful to Zain Bahrain for inviting me to conduct this session, and I hope the employees can expand their creativity and push themselves into new realms of ideation at their workplace."


Zain Bahrain has always invested in employee development and growth, and through the 'Creating the Creative Idea' TALKS session, they were able to engage in the process of creativity, help them gain creative confidence, and develop their 'creativity literacy.' These sessions are a further testament to the fact that Zain Bahrain values its employees and will continue to host Zain TALKS sessions in the future to inspire employees and maintain a workplace environment that sustains happiness, creativity, and productivity at work.

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