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Zain Bahrain hosts TALKS session on mastering self-motivation and tackling negative inheritance by Khalil Alqaheri

Zain Bahrain, a telecommunications industry innovator in the Kingdom, hosted a talk session for its employees on self-motivation with Khalil Alqaheri. The talk session is one of Zain Bahrain's main developmental programs directed towards employee well-being and falls under the company's Zain TALKS program to host local intellectuals and inspiring personalities and have them speak on relevant topics of interest with the intention to encourage its employees to create self-belief and motivation at the workplace through channelizing their energy towards achievable goals.

Khalil Alqaheri, an Entrepreneur and Digital creator, well recognized on social media, especially in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait, interacts and inspires his followers through his daily vlogs on innovation, leadership, self-motivation, and change. He is a prominent speaker who has conducted several seminars based on entrepreneurship, business management, and marketing and has also authored a few books on Entrepreneurship. He has designed training programs for Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship and conducted the first training program named Business Clinic for entrepreneurs in Bahrain and the first 'Intrapreneurship & Innovation' training program in the GCC. Apart from being a speaker, Khalil is the founder of TREXSOL - Creative Marketing & PR Agency, STRADICO - Consulting Firm, and Ibdaa Hub Training Centre, specializing in business management.

Zain Bahrain continues to organize these talk sessions monthly for its employees. The company believes these developmental sessions are an integral part of the learning & development process and help the employees achieve greater well-being in their personal and professional life. During this session, Khalil highlighted the importance of discovering and developing actual and potential capabilities by introducing different individuals to various social environments and understanding their behaviour. He accentuated the significance of integrating the environment and shared techniques to build a strong and successful personality based on individual habits. The session also focused on how past and negative inheritance influences a person's behaviour and how it can have an adverse effect on one's inner motivation. He further explained how an individual needs to focus on developing new skills to be alert and motivated in order to focus and stay ahead.

 Commenting on successfully hosting the Zain TALKS session, Mrs. Rana Al Saegh, Benefits Specialist at Zain Bahrain said, "We at Zain Bahrain believe in encouraging and empowering our employees by motivating them to better their physical and mental well-being. We often invite speakers who can organize developmental sessions that help our employees face their fears and reflect, to help them grow and work towards achieving a solution to bring about a positive approach in the workplace." She further commented, "Through our TALKS session, we focus on inviting Bahraini motivational speakers who share their life experiences and motivate our employees to grow and become future leaders."

Zain Bahrain, as a corporate, is committed to creating a culture that values and promotes wellness and inspires its employees to maintain a healthy environment where happiness, wholeness, creativity, and productivity are part of the workplace. In the past, the company has developed many initiatives and talk sessions that have focused on the overall employees to improve their health and well-being.

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