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Zain Bahrain announces the first-ranked Esports summer tournament in the Kingdom 

Zain Bahrain (B.S.E.: ZAINBH), a telecommunications industry innovator in the Kingdom, officially announces the first-ranked Esports summer tournament in the Kingdom in partnership with Bahrain Esports Federation and PLAYHERA.

The Esports tournament will support the development of the Esports ecosystem in an authentic and meaningful way through professional to grassroots-level events and extend the visibility of local esports talents, which comes as part of Zain Bahrain's future roadmap to grow the gaming community in the Kingdom. 

The 3-week tournament has started, and it is open for all gamers aged 13 years old and above. It will feature three popular game titles – Rocket League, a vehicular football game; Valorant, one of the most talked-about first-person shooter games and all-time fan favorite FIFA. This tournament will be divided into three parts, one part for each game, and the registration for each part will be announced on Zain Bahrain's social media. The top-ranked players will battle each other and win cash prizes that reach up to $2500. 

With this tournament, Zain Bahrain hopes to provide gamers with a platform to hone their digital skills, promote sportsmanship and teamwork, and enhance their STEM education as they connect over their shared passion.

Abdulla Bin Khalid Al Khalifa, Zain Bahrain Director of Communications & Investor Relations, commented, "As a leader in telecommunication and digital services, Zain Bahrain is determined to support the Esports ecosystem in the Kingdom through collaboration with its partners. As a telco, we are well suited to host the first-ranked Esports summer tournament since Esport tournaments rely on fast network speeds, connectivity, and local market knowledge. The tournament is for all Esports enthusiasts and gamers 13 years old and above in the Kingdom. We hope the tournament will inspire them and pave the way for them to become a professional player in the future representing the Kingdom of Bahrain." 

Zain Bahrain will continue to work closely with its partners to enable the growth of Esports in the Kingdom and give gamers and esports enthusiasts the support, recognition, and opportunities they deserve.

Registration for Zain Bahrain First Ranked Esports Summer Tournament has opened, for more information and other updates, please visit

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