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FAQ's of Zain Delights Deals

Q: What are Zain Delight Deals?

A: Zain Delight Deals are a range of exclusive discounts and offers available to Zain customers.

Q: What kind of discounts and offers can I expect? 

A: With Savur's expertise in non-telecom services, Zain Delight Deals will now offer discounts on a variety of products and services, ranging from food and beverage to lifestyle and entertainment. 

Q: How do I access Zain Delight Deals?

A: Zain Delight Deals can be accessed through the Zain app, Simply log in to your Zain app account and click on the Delight deals banner to access redemption page. 

Q: Are Zain Delight Deals available to all Zain customers? 

A: Yes, Zain Delight Deals are available to all Zain customers, regardless of their plan or package. 

Q: How often will new deals be added? 

A: New deals will be added every 2 months, every 2 months a catalogue of deals and merchant will be introduced. 

Q: Can I use Zain Delight Deals more than once? 

A: each customer will be able to redeem each offer once every month. 

Q: What if I have an issue with a Zain Delight Deal?

A: If you encounter any issues with a Zain Delight Deal, customer can click the chat button on each offer page to be redirected to live chat assist

Launch offers & merchants  

June & July
Savur offer-01 Web.png


Click here to download the Zain App & access exclusive Zain Delights Deals!

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