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Zain Bahrain Remains Committed to Sustainability by Celebrating World's Environment Day with its ongoing Z-Waste Initiative

Zain Bahrain (BSE: ZAINBH), a telecommunications industry innovator in the Kingdom, continues its commitment to Environmental Responsibility by celebrating World Environment Day among its employees through its ongoing Z-waste initiative to the local community, which aims to raise awareness of conserving the environment and protecting the planet by collecting e-waste.

In celebration of World Environment Day and as part of spreading awareness and tapping into changing behavior and continuous awareness to have responsible citizens, Zain Bahrain has organized a call of action to collect electronic waste in its headquarter by placing a box for employees to dispose of their of old electronic devices and equipment.

The Z-waste initiatives come under Zain's biodiversity strategy, which is a crucial part of the overall environmental sustainability strategy. With the Climate Change issue approach is evolving, Zain has revisited its' sustainability strategy to introduce a progressive target that includes biodiversity towards environmentally and ethically responsible business decisions and increase awareness of biodiversity's importance and value. 

Zain Bahrain has collected nearly 20 tons of e-waste since the start of the initiative. It has designated a large drop box placed at Zain's headquarters for employees to place any unwanted or expired electronic waste. The e-waste drop box is collected daily by Crown Industries, the pioneer recycling operation in Bahrain, which will then export the items to different parts of the world to be recycled according to international standards.

Environmental Responsibility is fundamental to how Zain Bahrain operates, and it is embedded in the company's corporate culture. It is aligned with the Kingdom's 2030 vision efforts to achieve its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

"At Zain Bahrain, we are committed to supporting initiatives that strengthen the conservation and protection of the environment, which comes under our environmental responsibility strategy and biodiversity values; respecting and protecting the environment as we grow our business. This initiative supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: (SDG) 12 for Responsible Consumption and Production and (SDG) 13 for Climate Action as our key material topics in our environmental sustainability responsibility. Zain Bahrain believes a sustainable future is possible and will continue to develop innovative products and initiatives that lead towards this overall goal," commented Fatima Haider, Zain Bahrain Manager of Sustainability and Inclusivity.

Zain Bahrain has done many initiatives that come under their well-defined Sustainability Strategy to protect the environment, including improving carbon intensity with its Forever Green initiative in collaboration with NIAD by planting 100 trees on Abu Dhabi Avenue and 130 trees in Al Istiqlal Walkway. It has also started working electronically to reduce its paper usage by implementing paperless contracts, using reusable bags at all its retail stores, and replacing its standard SIM Cards with half-sized SIM cards to reduce waste. On Earth Day, the company has distributed environmentally friendly bags to all Zain employees to empower them in their journey towards a sustainable lifestyle. 

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