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Manama –14 September 2019: Zain Bahrain, a leading telecoms operator in the Kingdom, hosted a discussion session on 'How to Gain from loss' held by Huma Z. Ahmed the author of "37 lessons on how to gain from loss" at Zain tower earlier this month in August.

The monthly at Zain Tower comes under Zain Bahrain TALKS programs that brings and hosts local intellectuals to speak to Zain employees. The program is part of Zain's culture which promotes development, knowledge and recognition of local intellectuals through supporting and appreciating their journey. Zain TALKS program started last year on September 2018 through hosting inspirations and knowledgeable sessions to their employees; earlier this year Zain Bahrain have also hosted a session about happiness strategy to their employees.

The session that was held earlier this month under the title of 'How to Gain from loss', was attended by Zain Bahrain employees and provided Zain Bahrain employees with lessons on why they need to liberate themselves from grief and suffering of loss, the choices they need to make in order to liberate themselves and the three-healing step model.

During the session, Huma spoke about her loss experience and how she was able to turn her trial into triumph and how other souls can take their trial and losses as a turning point in their life. Huma Z. Ahmed is an author, transformational coach, trainer, inspirational speaker, YouTuber and the initiator of the Trial to Triumph movement who fully believes in the power of story to enlighten, empower and transform.

The event ended with a signing ceremony; where Zain employees received a singed copy of Huma Z. Ahmed book "37 lessons on how to gain from loss".

Zain Bahrain is committed to inspiring their employees and maintain a healthy environment that sustain happiness, wholeness, creativity and productivity at Zain Bahrain as well as connecting them to the outside world.  

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