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Manama – 10 March 2021:  Zain Bahrain, a leading telecommunications operator in the Kingdom hosted a talk session on "The 'I' in Me" with prominent Bahraini artist Maryam Abdulla Nass for its employees. The talk session is one of Zain Bahrain's main developmental programs directed towards employee well-being and comes under the company's Zain TALKS program started in 2018 to bring and host local intellectuals and inspiring personalities to speak on a relevant topic of interest or to share their success story with the Zain employees.


The motivational speaker, Maryam Abdulla Nass, born and raised in Bahrain, is a graduate of International Business from the Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. She started painting on porcelain at the young age of 15 and rediscovered her abandoned love for art, in 2005. Her artwork is an expression of emotions and a glimpse into her inner self. During the talk session, Maryam shared her inspirational journey in the world of art and how painting became a way of expressing herself without the usage of words. The talk highlighted the importance of how words are not always understandable or received well, but a painting can have hidden messages and meanings that do not have to be revealed. Through the session, Maryam conversed on how art frees her of the restriction of having to be perfect all the time and presented her love to the excitement of embracing chance and how a spontaneous illusion of space is produced in her life, that becomes an extra page in her diary.


Commenting on successfully hosting the Zain TALKS session, Ms. Rana Al Majed, Manager Recruitment, Compensation and Benefits at Zain Bahrain said, "It is extremely important for us to encourage and empower our employees, teams, and leaders to feel confident in their work and skills and hence we ensure to invite speakers who have overcome hurdles in their own lives and have a wealth of strategies for mental strength, resilience, and determination that leave a lasting impression on the attendees."


She further added, "From famous Bahraini motivational speakers to authorities on leadership and teamwork, the wide range of Zain Talk speakers have successfully reignited our workplace. We are glad that Zain TALKS has received a hugely positive response from the employees in the past, and we have always made it a point to have uplifting keynotes that leave employees feeling empowered and inspired."


Maryam Abdulla Nass, the spokesperson at the Zain TALKS session commented, "Art became a means of achieving internal peace and a silent medium for dialogue for me. Through my paintings, I portray the general feelings and emotions all humans experience as they go through life, ranging from the darkest times of despair, desolation, and grief to the brightest moments of hope, bliss, and elation. Sometimes, they even offer an alternative to those emotions.  I am thankful to Zain Bahrain for inviting me to deliver my success story to the employees and I hope through this session I could highlight the importance of  leaving our comfort zone behind to reach a goal and the importance of the development of the 'I' in 'Me'."


Zain Bahrain is committed to inspiring its employees and maintains a healthy environment that sustains happiness, wholeness, creativity, and productivity as well as connecting them to the outside world. In the past, the company has developed many initiatives and talk sessions that have focused on the overall employees' growth and continues to do so.


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