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Zain Bahrain reveals its New Network Features

Manama – 30th March 2014

  • Zain Bahrain new and most modern network is the most advanced in the Kingdom
  • New Network promises faster download speeds
  • The new network features HD voice technology, which enhances voice quality and reduces disturbance from background noise

Zain Bahrain today announced that its customers are now enjoying its new network features. The new network deployment has been a massive undertaking that has translated the operator’s $100 million technology investment into a state-of-the-art and the most advanced network in the Kingdom.

The new network offers super-fast download speeds, wider and stronger coverage, and remarkably better experience overall. In addition to a superior calling experience, the new network enables Zain’s mobile customers to enjoy faster video streaming, browsing, social networking, and an enhanced online lifestyle.

A main feature of the new network is the much-anticipated High Definition (HD) voice technology, an exclusive free service that offers high audio quality on voice calls to all Zain customers. The HD Voice feature is rolled-out nationwide across Zain’s new network. There are no additional charges for using the service; calls are charged at normal rates. All Zain’s customers will automatically enjoy HD voice calling without the need for registration or subscription. The HD Voice feature is the first feature to be launched as a part of the new network services and will be followed soon with a whole new realm of exciting services including 4G LTE technology for smartphones and tablets

"We are extremely pleased with the launch of our new network. The new network brings the latest technology to the Kingdom and places Zain Bahrain in a strong position to continue driving product, technology, and service innovation in the future,” said Zain Bahrain's General Manager Mr. Mohammed Zainalabedin.

“Our customers can now enjoy amazing clarity on voice calls, even in noisy and crowded environments, such as shopping malls. The technology is ground-braking; it has the ability to reduce background noise and offer remarkable audio clarity. Our customers have been enjoying HD voice for the past few days and we are delighted by the positive customer response,” said Zainalabedin.

“The feedback and support we have received from our customers during the process of launching our new network has enabled us to deliver a network that will enhance customer experience. We are thrilled that our customers are already reporting significant enhancements in their experience on the new network. We would like to thank them for their continued support and loyalty,” he added.

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