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In keeping with its efforts to continuously reach small and medium enterprises, Zain Bahrain launched a competitive and cost effective data hosting solutions service.

The Zain Bahrain “Co-Location Facilities” is a new addition to the telecom company’s portfolio of enterprise solutions where equipment, space, and bandwidth are available for rental to small and medium businesses at very competitive rates. The “Co-Location Facilities” will also provide space, power, cooling, and physical security for the server, storage, and networking equipment —and connect them to the network of the clients— at minimum cost and complexity.

A signing ceremony was also held between Zain Bahrain and ATYAF to kick-start the service. ATYAF will be providing the day-to-day services required. Present at the ceremony were Zain Bahrain Marketing Manager,Mr.Mohammed AlAlawi and Deputy CEO of ATYAF, Mr. Yousif Al Hadi.

“Zain Bahrain is determined to offer the best cutting-edge data server technology support services at our ‘Co Location Facilities Service’ at very competitive prices. The facility is particularly useful to SMEs because it helps save on capital expenses involved in managing data servers. In addition, companies will benefit from obtaining the best service in terms of higher reliability, 24-hour monitoring by engineers and lower network latency and higher bandwidth – all at a lower cost,” said Zain Bahrain’s Adjacent Businesses Manager, Pakiza Abdulrahman.

“Normally, companies have to invest in premises, a special team and other paraphernalia for managing their servers. With Zain “Co-Location Facilities”, this is all covered by a single rental fee which is more economical,” she added.

The facility is a unique opportunity for SMEs to take a technological leap in particular due to the expensive overheads of retaining network and facilities engineer employees and an ideal solution suited for SMEs because the grouping of many SMEs in one facility will allow for shared resources and costs.

The service comes at a time when the Bahraini SME sector is facing resurgence and receiving great support from government development agencies.

For information on the service, call 107 or visit or any of the Zain experience.

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