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​As part of their efforts to enhance their top-quality customer service standards and reach their growing customer base, Zain Bahrain has recently opened a new stand at Saar Mall in Saar.

The Zain Stand at Saar Mall is located in Saar. Customers can now make their Zain bill payments, purchase, apply and subscribe to all Zain products and services. The stand is located on the ground floor operating throughout the week (Saturday – Friday) 10.00am to 10.00 pm.

“The stand offers our customers immense convenience and expands the circle of customer service that Zain Bahrain is valued for,” said Zain Bahrain’s Retail and Franchise Outlets Manager, Ammar AL Ketbi , “Being Closer to our beloved customer is one of our priorities therefore It is located at the cusp of a highly populated area and will serve the mix of Bahraini and expatriate groups residing here. It is a new geographical location and we are sure we shall be able to meet the needs of customers who can combine their weekly shopping, socialising with updating their telecoms requirements.”

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