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Manama – 17 April 2021:  Zain Bahrain, a leading telecommunications operator in the Kingdom hosted a Masterclass titled 'The Customer Journey' by Boris Najafov for its employees at Zain Tower. Zain Masterclass is part of Zain Bahrain's training series and is one of the main development programs that allows employees to be more agile in obtaining further information about state-of-the-art solutions and keeping up with trends in the telecom sector, thereby supporting the organization's strategy.


Boris Najafov is a prominent managing solutions consultant for IST with over 20+ years of experience in IT and customer experience solutions and author of the book "Your Call is Important to Us". Through the Masterclass session, Boris highlighted the importance of becoming a customer-centric organization by focusing on defining the customer's goal, their preferences during their association with the brand, and providing an overall seamless customer experience.


The session focused on ways of evaluating and integrating the organization's branding, pricing, traditional marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and fulfilment strategies across multiple channels. The session was extremely comprehensive, allowing employees to step into the customer's shoes and evaluate the business from their perspective. It also enabled employees to gain insights into common customer pain points and how to understand and improve the customer journey, the various communication channels to reach the customer, the constant changes occurring and some of the technological and non-technological challenges faced by customers.


Commenting on the successful completion of the Masterclass, Salah Al Kooheji, Manager of Learning & Development at Zain Bahrain said, "Zain Bahrain is a people-centric organisation that considers its employees to be its greatest asset and as such, regularly arranges training and development programs that are in line with the company's strategy. Zain Bahrain as a company has always taken extra steps to ensure that each employee within the company feels invested in."


He further added, "Through the 'Masterclass' we ensure to develop employees' career paths and provide them with the latest information and trends to reach their full potential, which in turn improves the performance of the company. We are glad that the 'Customer Journey' Masterclass was able to inspire employees to learn more about Zain's customers, who are our utmost priority and to deliver the best and most imaginative service at every level.


Highlighting the importance of understanding the Customer Journey, Boris Najafov, the speaker of the Zain Bahrain Masterclass commented, "The customer journey is important for any brand, because it is a strategic approach to better understanding customer expectations and is crucial for optimising the customer experience. I am thankful to have conducted the Masterclass for Zain Bahrain's employees as I feel they are one of the organisations in Bahrain who have the best possible customer service and hope to have provided them with a better understanding of the customer journey that will enable them to provide unparalleled service."


 Zain Bahrain provides constant development opportunities to its employees and regularly introduces new ways that contribute towards building a stronger and healthier work culture that enables employees to thrive.



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