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Zain Bahrain Launches 'I Can' Campaign


Participants of the Summer Training Program, launched by Zain Bahrain under its Future University Network (F.U.N) initiative, hosted an eventful day at Zain Bahrain's headquarter, filled with activities and workshops to enhance the skills and capabilities of a group of Orphans.

The Future University Network is an initiative launched by Zain Bahrain to provide university students with the necessary and required skills for the work-force. As part of their Summer Training Program, participants launched a campaign under the title 'I Can' targeting orphans from the Tree of Life Society and Al Zahra Society for Orphans.  

The event hosted 20 girls and 20 boys over 4 hours in a number of activities and workshops that aimed to develop their skills and strengthen their awareness on the importance of their role within society and how to overcome the difficulties they face with the help of various civil society organizations.

"Zain Bahrain has always focused its efforts on launching initiatives that help members of the community in different categories, with extra attention on youth in need and leading them to maximize their potential," commented Samya Hussein, Corporate Communications Manager of Zain Bahrain.

"Therefore, we are keen on organizing such events that will inspire members of the community, in particular young people who are able to achieve their ambitions in the future." she added. ​

Zain Bahrain focuses its efforts on motivating and inspiring all members of the community to achieve the best out of its strategy and community partnership which is centered on the empowerment of young energetic individuals and strengthening their capabilities. 

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