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Zain Bahrain Launched SMS Fundraising Campaign for Children with Cancer


As part of its CSR initiatives, Zain Bahrain, the most innovative operator in the Kingdom, launched a campaign focused on raising funds to benefit children with Cancer in Kingdom of Bahrain.

The campaign was launched early September as a tribute to the International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness about the disease among members of the Bahraini Society and to support children and families who suffer from the disease.

Zain Bahrain's customers can be part of the campaign by making donations through sending an SMS to 94444 where an amount of BD 1 will be deducted per SMS. At the end of each month, Zain Bahrain will make a payment to the Bahrain Cancer Society with the amount raised through the campaign.

"Zain Bahrain has always been committed to help all members of the society and cancer patients are an integral part of the community," commented Samya Hussein, Corporate Communications Manager of Zain Bahrain. "We aim to encourage our customers to contribute to this great cause by providing them a convenient solution."

"We would like to thank Zain Bahrain for their devoted efforts in raising awareness about Cancer and their contribution to alleviate the sufferers' plight." commented Mr. Ahmed Ali Al Nowakhda, Treasurer/Head of Fundraising Committee from Bahrain Cancer Society.

Zain Bahrain launched the campaign with an aim to raise further awareness about the diseases and the different aspects of it, as well as raise funds to support different cancer societies. The upcoming month, October, Zain will focus on the International Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

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