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Manama, 4  September 2019: Birthdays are an occasion to celebrate with family. With employee engagement and well-being at heart, Zain Bahrain, a leading telecommunications provider in the Kingdom, has announced a new benefit giving everyone within the company a day off on their special day.

"Previously, we marked employee birthdays by celebrating it with them with a thoughtful gifts, but the new benefit, which came into effect this year, offers something even more, special – time with their beloved family," said Dana Bukhammas , Director, HR at Zain Bahrain. "Employee well-being is one of our main priorities, after the successful launch of our family policy which granted female employees with 4 months maternity leave and extending the nursing hours to 4 years, we continue our investment to improve our working environment through this new benefit. After all, an engaged happy team is more likely to be more productive, and able to provide our customers with an even higher level of service."

Zain Bahrain aims to offer its team with more than just a job or a career – it wants to empower every employee with the chance to play a part in the future development and growth of the mobile telecommunications sector. In addition to continuous development opportunities, the company is continuously introducing new ways, such as the birthday day off, that contribute towards building stronger and healthier culture that enables employees to thrive.  

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