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​Zain crowned 'Best Telecom Brand' at Telecom World Middle East Awards 2016 for third consecutive year

  • Zain Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Iraq also recognized for excellence, all receiving noteworthy awards in customer related areas

    Dubai – 28 September, 2015

    Zain Group, a leading mobile telecom innovator in eight markets across the Middle East and Africa, is proud to announce that its brand has been identified as the 'Best Brand' for telecom in 2016 at the prestigious Telecoms World Middle East Awards gala event in Dubai earlier this week. Additionally, Zain's operation in Saudi Arabia was presented with the 'Best Customer Experience' service award, while Zain Jordan and Zain Iraq jointly received an award for 'Best Consumer Service' for their life-enhancing 'Zain Cash' mobile money offering, which has brought the benefits of banking to millions of unbanked people across the two countries.  

    Impressively, for a third consecutive year the honor of the 'Best Brand' was bestowed on Zain Group by a panel of judges assembled by Terrapinn, the organizers of the annual Telecoms World Middle East Conference and Awards.  The awards recognize outstanding performance in key areas throughout the Middle East telecom industry and shine a spotlight on key players that have contributed to making the sector one of the most dynamic globally.

Zain has been a recipient of the 'Best Brand' award on numerous previous occasions since the introduction of its inspiring brand in 2007. This year's success has been driven by the tangible developments occurring within the company, where heavy investment in network upgrades, and technology innovation is positively impacting customer experience. Additionally, Zain's Corporate Sustainability programs and eye-catching marketing and widespread social media campaigns have captured the imagination of the whole region, reflecting the company's aspirations. 

Commenting on the award of the latest accolades, Zain Group CEO Scott Gegenheimer said, "We are always appreciative to receive positive confirmation from our industry on the work we are undertaking. Our brand represents a promise that we always strive to offer the best, life-enriching mobile solutions to our customers and are looking to deal with all of our various stakeholders in a professional and highly positive manner."

Gegenheimer continued, "The range of the prizes we have been awarded this year across several of our operations signifies that we are not just innovating for innovation's sake, but that the services and initiatives we are developing are really impacting people's lives for the better."​

Zain Saudi Arabia was singled out for the 'Best Customer Experience' award for the year as a mark of the company's innovative and engaging customer experience strategy, which has been executed with impressive results. The strategy engaged Zain Saudi personnel across the organization as active participants in the attainment of Customer Experience Excellence, achieving success via combining the adoption of the latest trends in customer retention programs with employee passion, achieving highly positive results.

Zain Jordan and Zain Iraq were jointly recognized at the Awards for their efforts to expand access to financial services, aimed at providing a mobile wallet to millions of unbanked people across the two countries. Earlier this year, Zain operations in the two countries relaunched their mobile banking services under the brand "Zain Cash", featuring a richer portfolio, and a more integrated ecosystem including more secure and convenient transactions within a comprehensive network. The life-enhancing mobile service was launched in partnership with eServGlobal.

These awards highlight the scope of success Zain Group operations continue to garner, as they follow a strategy to deliver a raft of digital lifestyle products and services to customers, while helping uplift communities and economic development across the region. 

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