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ZAIN BAHRAIN is a leading telecommunications operator which has re-shaped Bahrain’s telecommunications experience with a bold and innovative technological and marketing approach.

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ZAIN BAHRAIN Corporate Profile

 Shaikh Ahmed Bin Ali Al Khalifa 
  Chairman Non-executive / non-independent​​  ​       

          ASAAD.JPG                   RASHID.JPG                      
                                Asaad Ahmed Al-Banwan ​  ​              Shaikh Rashid Bin Abdulrahman Al Khalifa                        
Deputy Chairman                                                                                   
                     Non-executive / non-independent​                Non-executive / non-independent​                       
​​               WALEED.JPG​​                        JAMAL.JPG                            

                    Waleed A. M. A. Al-Roudan​                              ​Jamal Shaker Al-Kazemi​​                    
                           Non-executive / non-independent            ​     ​Non-executive / non-independent​​                      
                     KHAJA.JPG                          SHAIKHA.JPG                 
                        Ali Hassan Al Khaja​                                       ​Shaikha Khalid Al-Bahar​               
                                  Non-executive / independent​                       Non-executive / non-independent​​                              

As a leading telecommunications provider, Zain Bahrain continues to evolve and encompass new areas of growth with a promise of positioning the Kingdom at the forefront of the global telecoms industry.
​The operator entered Bahrain's market back in 2003 as the first company to break the telecoms monopoly while earning a reputation of implementing innovative business practices and providing customers cutting-edge technologies with a string of firsts – the first country with nationwide 3G, then 3.5G, WiMAX coverage and 4G.  Today, it has developed into a successful fixed wireless service operator offering full-spectrum corporate telecoms solutions, voice and data services in the Kingdom. Zain Bahrain continues to set industry benchmarks in technological breakthroughs, customer service innovations and community service projects.

​Zain Bahrain Goes Public

Zain Bahrain launched its Initial Public Offering on September 2nd, 2014; giving retail and institutional investors the opportunity to participate in the first IPO held in Bahrain since 2010.
The company floated 48 million shares listed on the Bahrain Bourse, representing a 15% increase in Zain Bahrain's capital. The proceeds from the Offering will be contributing to the ongoing capital expenditure; enabling Zain Bahrain to continue providing the best end-to-end customer experience in terms of advanced and flexible services, seamless connectivity, adopting the latest technologies and investing in a state-of-the-art network infrastructure. Trading of the Shares takes place under the symbol ["ZAINBH"].

New Network 

Zain Bahrain aims to ensure optimal customer experience through a state-of-the-art network coverage for the full gamut – mobile connectivity, smart phone technology use, home and roaming broadband.
Successfully launching its new and most modern network back in Q1 2014 with an investment of more than USD100 million; the move was able to turn Zain Bahrain into one of the most technically advanced telecommunications providers in the world. The new network, deployed and managed by world-renowned solutions provider Ericsson, provides a whole new realm of exciting high-speed digital content capabilities to its increasingly technologically-savvy customer base.
Zain Bahrain also successfully upgraded its network to the latest version of 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE).  The launch of its 4G services was flagged off in an innovative manner by Formula 1 driver, Jenson Button, on the sidelines of the Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix 2013.
Zain Bahrain also announced a new partnership during Q1 2015 which will see Ericsson's state-of-the-art Radio Dot System deployed in the Kingdom. The solution will be implemented in Zain Bahrain's new state-of-the-art Network Operation Center. This is one of the first implementations in the region and demonstrates the solution's ability to cater for the fast-growing demand for data traffic of the consumers.

World Class Technology, Services & Products 

Today, Zain Bahrain has a proven track record in technological innovation and top-class customer care coupled with an award-winning marketing strategy and strong network connectivity. The company has proven that technological innovation paired with top-class customer service can win the race. 
In our continuous efforts to enhance the customers' retail experience through our outlets, the 'enhanced shops' were launched to meet the growing demand for service innovations. The 'enhanced shops' were designed based on customer insight and provides a one-stop destination including hands-on demonstrations of products and services, Self Service Machines, dedicated SIGNATURE team member and technical support area. 

Inspiring the Community through CSR

Inspiring community spirit has always been one of Zain Bahrain's core values. Since its inception, the company launched an integrated and strategic approach to CSR focusing on education with a concentration on Youth Development and Empowerment, Youth and Children with Special needs, technological awareness and environment. Zain Bahrain aims to support the development of the Kingdom as outlined in the Economic Vision 2030.
Zain Bahrain e-learning center is one of the CSR initiative which focuses on preparing the next generation for the tech-driven future. The Centre, established in 2007 at the University of Bahrain, provides different services to UoB members and today caters to over 13,000 students.Zain Bahrain is also proud of the one-of-a-kind Future University Network (F.U.N.) program which provides young Bahrainis hands-on job experience; allowing them to integrate organically into the job market. Zain Bahrain also supports numerous sports activities; the operator is the proud sponsor of the National Basketball League, boasts both a drag racing and karting team and supports various sporting activities.

​HR & Empowerment 

Zain Bahrain is committed to nurturing the finest Bahraini talents and has an energetic and inspired majority-Bahraini workforce by providing a strong HR and training program that develops and nurtures leaders in the workplace. Today, the operator boasts a Bahrainization level of more than 85% well above the required levels set by the government. 

Core Values

Zain Bahrain has built its corporate values around three brand values: Radiance, Heart and BelongingRadiance is about leading the way with imagination and vision, and bringing joy, color and richne​ss to life. Heart is about living life with courage and resolve, engaging one's spirit and touching on emotions while Belonging is about bringing fellowship and community to all, transcending cultural and      ​g​eographic boundaries.The values reflect the qualities and the aspirations of the operator and its consumers​ who are progressive achievers, and look to the future and aim to achieve goals.



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