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Image - Students attending the Summer Internship Program.jpegZain Bahrain’s 2020 Youth Empowerment - Summer Internship Program Is Underway

Manama – 1 September 2020:  Zain Bahrain, a leading telecommunication operator in the Kingdom, announced that its Summer Internship Program for a cohort of 8 University students from Bahrain University and Ahlia University has commenced. Part of Zain Bahrain's Youth Empowerment program, the annual summer internship provides working exposure to Bahraini students for two months and is designed in coordination with the department heads to address existing business challenges. Through the Youth Empowerment program, Zain Bahrain aims to empower Bahraini youth with the latest skill combination to create a competitive workforce that is needed for the future market.


The interns currently studying Information Systems, Mobile & Network Engineering, and Computer Science at the Universities will go through an intensive training program leveraging on Zain Bahrain's internal expertise that will elevate their skills as well as train them to become successful account managers in the future. However, due to the COVID 19 situation, the 2020 Summer Internship Program is being administered entirely online. During the two- month internship, the students will work with a dedicated mentor from different Teams during this mentorship, interns will learn more about corporate sales techniques, corporate customer services, and other related techniques, and moreover, they will be involved in Community Engagement & Sustainability.



"Virtual internship is a first for us and we are working towards ensuring that the interns are still going to have meaningful work experience. Our focus through the internship program is mainly to contribute to the development of Bahraini youth. Over the course of the summer, our eight interns will be gaining hands-on work experience in the corporate world, sharing their talents and perspectives with us, and conceptualizing their future in the working world. While devising the internship, we always keep in mind that we are not just providing mundane training, but building future leaders and change-makers. We take pride in our commitment towards youth empowerment and ensure that our programs prepare a generation that is ready for labour market opportunities thereby contributing to Bahrain's Vision 2030", said Dana Bukhammas, Director Human Resources, Zain Bahrain.


Commenting on the summer internship, one of the interns, Abdulla, a University of Bahrain graduate said, "I am delighted to have been given an opportunity to intern with Zain Bahrain. This is a stepping stone in my career and will help me develop my skills and knowledge in the field of telecom. So far, despite the market situation, we have managed to be positively involved and our mentors have ensured that we have a fulfilling experience."


The training program is in line with the company's strategy and is a key pillar in contributing to the society and goal of embedding a socially responsible culture through Zain Bahrain's operations in general.


To be eligible for Zain Bahrain's Youth Empowerment Summer Internship Program, students must be of Bahraini nationality, aged between 19 and 24, and should be in their second year of university onwards or a diploma holder.


The application period is closed for the 2020 Summer internship season. For further information on the Summer Internship, visit



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