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Zain Bahrain Launches Interactive 3D Smart Service, providing the Best Online Shopping Experience for Customers

Zain Bahrain (BSE: ZAINBH), a telecommunications industry innovator in the Kingdom, announced the launch of an innovative 3D smart service in its eShop to support customers with the best online shopping experience when purchasing a device. This initiative is part of the company's commitment to providing accessible online tools that make customer choices easier a key part of Zain Bahrain's digital transformation journey. 

The new self-optimizing 3D interactive shopping service will help users to visualize devices as if they were holding them by presenting high-definition, true-to-life 3D models. The service enables users to easily view devices including smartphones, tablets, and smart watches from any angle in 3D; and to zoom-in for more details. 

Ammar Al Ketbi, Zain Bahrain Chief Consumer Marketing & Sales Officer, commented, "Customers are seeking improved online shopping experiences. With Zain Bahrain's 3D device visualization service, customers can enjoy a unique, innovative, and enhanced 3D shopping experience."
Zain Bahrain will continue expanding on innovative technologies to deliver on its customers' needs. All customers can now enjoy the new 3D smart visualization service by visiting Zain Bahrain's E-shop at

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