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Zain Bahrain Continues its Health Awareness Program "Be Well" 

Zain Bahrain (BSE: ZAINBH), a telecommunications industry innovator in the Kingdom, continues its health awareness program "Be Well" through Zain Talks monthly sessions. The session aimed to encourage employees to lead a healthier lifestyle, improve their health behavior and reduce negative thoughts. 

The one-day event at Zain Tower comes under Zain Bahrain TALKS programs that bring and host local and international intellectuals to speak to Zain employees. The program is part of Zain's culture and strategy, which promotes development and knowledge. It also ensures that its employees' health, wellbeing, and safety are just as important as any other daily aspect and believes in building a healthier environment from the inside out.

 Zain Talks has recently hosted two speakers; Dr. Ramin Mohajer, a Managing Partner at Aspire Muscat Institute with 27 years of experience in Human Resource Development, who is passionate about personal and career development. Dr. Amal Al-Jowder also held a session on the same topic; she is a non-practicing family physician with over 30 years of service in the Ministry of Health.

The discussion encouraged Zain Bahrain employees to improve their health knowledge and make healthier lifestyles. Dr. Amal has explained the importance of adopting a holistic health lifestyle, including social, spiritual, and physical health. While Dr. Ramin discussed how to become stronger emotionally, overcome daily issues, and integrate mindfulness to reduce stress, improve mood and resilience and focus on self-care. 

Zain Bahrain is committed to inspiring its employees and maintaining a healthy work environment that embraces leadership and innovation to substantially increase and sustain happiness, creativity, holistic health, and productivity. This initiative also comes as part of Zain Bahrain's sustainable strategy and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: (SDG) 3 for good health and wellbeing. 

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