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Zain Bahrain Launches its Own Toastmasters Club

In line with its continuous commitment to developing its employee's career and professional growth, Zain Bahrain (B.S.E.: ZAINBH), a telecommunications industry innovator in the Kingdom, has recently launched its first Toastmasters Club, which aims to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment whereby members can develop their communication and leadership skills that foster confidence and personal growth. 

Zain Bahrain Toastmasters Club is launched to provide a space for employees to work on their communication skills and develop their leadership skills. Toastmasters offers 11 development pathways, including dynamic leadership, effective coaching, innovative planning, and presentation mastery. Members will have the opportunity to attend regular meetings and will also be able to select a toastmaster's learning pathway, which allows them to build up to 300 unique competencies.  

The Club will also enable Zain employees to speak with clarity and fluency, think on their feet, develop meeting and leadership skills, and increase their vocabulary. During the meetings, Zain Bahrain arranged series of workshops for its members by distinguished Toastmasters covering many topics such as organizing speeches, winning the heart of your audiences, body language and more.

Rana Al Majed, Zain Bahrain Director, Human Resources, commented: "Zain Bahrain Toastmasters Club aims to develop the employee's authentic leadership capabilities and encourage them to share their thoughts, and allow them to pursue their goals. We believe this kind of leadership is essential to building the employee's successful career path. The Club is a one-stop place where Zain employees can proactively support each other and enable upskilling, which is a key to a better work environment prospect."

Walaa Jaafar, Zain Bahrain Learning & Development Specialist, Human Resourcesadded, "Developing excellent communication skills is essential to effective leadership, and Zain Bahrain is determined to develop both skills to strengthen its workforce capabilities which comes under the Zain Bahrain training program. The newly launched Club is an excellent opportunity to empower Zain employees and elevate their public speaking skills. The Club is supporting the employees in becoming more aware of their strengths, weaknesses, and their use of filler words through supportive peer evaluation. It's also giving them the required competencies to succeed in their personal and professional endeavors."

"I believe in the transformation that Toastmasters can do to individuals and corporates. However, what I witnessed in Zain Bahrain Toastmasters' progress in learning and the family atmosphere is simply phenomenal! Zain Bahrain's culture is fit as an environment for growth. Toastmasters will be a great vehicle for Zain employees to explore their ultimate potential," said Khalid Abdulla, District 20 Director Elect.

The newly launched Club comes under Toastmasters International, the world leader in developing communication and leadership skills. It is a non-profit organization recognized globally for empowering individuals to develop and improve their public speaking and leadership skills through local club meetings offering practice, evaluation, and mentoring. The organization's membership exceeds 300,000 in more than 15,800 clubs in 149 countries. 

Zain Bahrain will continue to advance employee learning and skills development and empower them to co-create their skills pathways through ongoing training programs that encourage them to embrace continuous learning and actively manage their professional development in anticipation of longer career spans. This aligns with Vision 2030, which promotes a future-ready workforce that can meet the new economy's demands.

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