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Our Blife Bulk Messaging service makes it easier to communicate with your customers and employees in large numbers from the convenience of ...

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Zain Blife Bulk Messaging

The Zain Blife Bulk Messaging service from Zain is our fast and cost-effective way for you to communicate with your customers and employees. Expand your business by sending local SMS and MMS messages to any local network, and to large numbers of recipients in one go.

The web-based Zain Blife Bulk Messaging is a web portal that enables you to send SMS and MMS messages. All you have to do is go to the web portal at, register for an account and start sending bulk SMS and MMS messages from the convenience of your computer screen.

Zain Blife Bulk Messaging comes with a wealth of features:

Message Scheduling

-Schedule specific times and dates for your messages to be sent automatically

2-Way SMS

-Receive responses from your recipients in a dedicated inbox or divert them to your personal email account.

Personalized Messages

-Personalize the messages you send out by adding the recipient’s name at the beginning of each message.


-Send SMS messages from your email account interface

Contact List

  • • Save the numbers and data of all your recipients, and have them readily available on the portal. Adding, removing, creating groups, and editing recipients’ information are now all at the click of a button.

Bulk SMS – Prepaid Packages:

PackagePackage Price
ValidityNo.Of MessagesMessage Rate
Bulk SMS Prepaid 181 Month1,1000.007
Bulk SMS Prepaid 2351 Month5,0000.007
Bulk SMS Prepaid 3703 Months10,0000.007
Bulk SMS Prepaid 43506 Months50,0000.007

Bulk SMS – Postpaid Packages:

PackagePackage Price(BD)Message AllowanceMessage Rate
Bulk SMS Postpaid 181,2000.007
Bulk SMS Postpaid 26010,0000.006
Bulk SMS Postpaid 3500100,0000.005
Bulk SMS Postpaid 42000500,0000.004

BULK SMS Application


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