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if you're an Android geek, you couldn’t be more spoilt for choice, Get the latest Android devices with our SIM Only Plans or Broadband Packages

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HUAWEI Devices on Installments​

Device NameVAT UpfrontDevice Upfront12 Months Instalment
​ Huawei P30 Lite 6GB
BD 5.400​​BD 54.000
BD 4.500​
​Huawei P30 Pro 128GB
BD 13.800​​BD 138.000
BD 11.500​
 Huawei P30 Pro​ 256GB
​BD 17.400
BD 174.000​​BD 14.500
Huawei Y7 Prime 2019
BD 3.6000BD 6.000


Device NameVAT UpfrontDevice Upfront18 Months Instalment
​ Huawei P30 Lite 6GB
​BD 5.400
BD 27.000​​BD 4.500
​Huawei P30 Pro 128GB 
​BD 13.800 
BD 69.000​​BD 11.500 
 Huawei P30 Pro​ 256GB
​BD 17.400
BD 87.000​​BD 14.500
Huawei Y7 Prime 2019
BD 3.6000BD 4.000


Device NameVAT UpfrontDevice Upfront24 Months Instalment
​ Huawei P30 Lite 6GB
​BD 5.400
​BD 4.500
​Huawei P30 Pro 128GB 
BD 13.800​0​BD 11.500 ​
 Huawei P30 Pro​​ 256GB
​BD 17.400
BD 13.800
​BD 14.500
BD 11.500
Huawei Y7 Prime 2019
BD 3.6000BD 3.000


 Buy Huawei Mate devices in Cash​

Device Name Cash Sale Price
​Huawei P30 Lite 6GB
​BD 110.250
Huawei P30 Pro 128GB 
BD 283.500 ​
Huawei P30 Pro​​ 256GB
​BD 301.350
​Huawei Y7 Prime 2019 



​​​​​​*5% VAT inclusive

- Prices are applicable on higher packages only (for P30 Serie
- Terms & Conditions Apply  


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