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​Subscribe now to one of our new Fiber Packages 

  • Subscribe now to our Fiber packages starting from BD5.5/ Month and enjoy Unlimited data , super-fast speeds up to 1Gbps, Up to 12.5x upload speeds! In addition to 6 months free rental when you switch to Zain Fiber! • 

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Packages​Fiber 50  (BD5 Promo)​Fiber 50​Fiber 100​Fiber250​Fiber500​​Fiber1000
​Switch 6 Months FREE Rental*
Monthly Rental​BD5.500
Download Speed50 Mbps
50 Mbps
​100 Mbps
​250 Mbps
​500 Mbps
​1 Gbps
​Upload Speed
​​5 Mbps
​5 Mbps
10 Mbps
​50 Mbps
10 Mbps
125 Mbps
50 Mbps
250 Mbps
100 Mbps
500 Mbps
​Monthly Allowance
(No Commitment)**
​Monthly Allowance
(With Commitment)
​OSN Streaming App
(With commitment)***



​Extra monthly benefits on Mobile Postpaid


- 10% VAT Inclusive

*The 6 months free rental is offered to customers with existing Fiber connections and are switching from their current service provide to Zain. Router & voice services fee will apply depending on the plan selected.

In case of switching to the BD5.5 plan, the first 6 months will be FREE (Router & voice lines fees will be charged), the second 6 months will be at BD6.050 (inclusive of router & voice service) and BD17.060 from the 2nd year onwards.

The upload speed for limited time promotion.

- All packages include a voice service for an additional fee of BD1.467 that will provide unlimited calls to Zain, please refer to the below table for more details.

- All packages can be purchased with 24 months commitment.

**Usage is limited to the threshold of the package selected. If consumed, the service will remain unlimited and downgrade to narrowband speeds.

**Unlimited internet Pass is available with no commitment plans , please refer to the below table for more details.

***OSN streaming can be claimed & redeem within 7 days of line activation. For more information Click here

-Limited time promotion.

Voice Service

Monthly Rental BD 1.467
Calls to Zain Unlimited
Calls to other networks 12 Fils / Min

- 10% VAT inclusive

Special Passes

Unlimited Internet
Unlimited Weekend
​Unlimited Half a Day (12pm-12am)

- 10% VAT inclusive
*Unlimited Internet Pass can be added and removed at any point of time for no commitment plans.

Service Fees

Service Fee
Charges for withdrawals BD11.000
Connection fees - No Commitment BD22.000
​Connection fees - Commitment
Speed downgrade
​Downgrade package fees - No Commitment
​Downgrade package fees - Commitment
BD 44.000​
Change of Number BD 5.500
Port-in BD 4.400
Fixed late payment charge BD 3.300
Static IP Monthly Fee BD5.500
​Change Location Fees
​Service Termination Fees

- 10% VAT inclusive