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4G LTE Home Broadband

Personalised Home Broadband Why stay with Home Broadband that doesn’t understand you?

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Subscribe Now to one of our new Home Broadband Packages.

Package ​Rent Speed  (up-to)​​​ No-Contract 24 Months Contract
​Home ​Broadband 10​ BD 10.500/Month
10 Mbps
35 GB​
70 GB​
Home Broadband 12 ​BD 12.600/Month 15 Mbps​ 50 GB 100 GB
​Home Broadband 15 ​BD 15.750/Month 15 Mbps​ 70 GB 140 GB
​Home Broadband 20 ​BD 21/Month 25 Mbps​ 100 GB​ 200 GB​
​Home Broadband 25**
BD 26.250/Month
20 Mbps​
​Home Broadband 30 BD 31.5/Month 30 Mbps​ 150 GB​ 300 GB​
​Home Broadband 40 BD 42 /Month​ 40 Mbps​ 200 GB​ 400 GB​
Home Broadband 60 BD 63 /Month​ MAX 4G​ 300 GB​ 600 GB​
​Home Broadband 100 BD 105/Month​​ MAX 4G​ 500 GB​ 1 TB​


-5% VAT inclusive
-Free 4G device with 24 months contract

*Usage is limited to the threshold of the package selected. If consumed, you may easily add extra GBs through our once-off add-ons. (See the below table)

Data Top Up
Enjoy your pick from the new range of data add ons that are compatible  on all 4G LTE Home Broadband Packages.

Add on Threshold  Price
4G LTE Add on 3
7 GB BD 3.150
4G LTE Add on 6 15 GB BD 6.300
​4G LTE Add on 10 ​30 GB ​BD 10.500


-5% VAT inclusive
* Valid for 30 Days from the date of Subscription

Voice Service

Service Installation Fee (Ones Off) Monthly Rental (Prorated)
Home broadband fixed line service
BD 5.250 BD 1.050

-5% VAT inclusive

Service Fees

Service Once-Off Fee
Change of Owner
BD 5.250
Change of Number BD 5.250
​Number Migration between Postpaid & Prepaid ​BD 5.250
​Port-in ​BD 4.200
​SIM Card Replacement ​BD 3.150
​New Line Registration ​BD 5.250
​Fixed late payment charge
​BD 3.150
​Downgrade package fees
​BD 5.250
Downgrade package fees with commitment
​BD 26.250


-5% VAT inclusive


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