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5G | 4G Home Broadband

With our home broadband packages, bring the 5G & 4G experience to your home!

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  • Our future is Zain! Welcome to a more wonderful world with 5G

  • 5G is the fifth generation of mobile communications technology, a step change that implies more capacity, faster speed and lower latency. 5G is not only about faster connections, 5G can give people the ability to do more and make things better.

  • 5G opens doors for new applications such as Virtual reality, Augmented reality, Autonomous driving and much more.

  • What does 5G mean for me?

  • 5G will open a highway to new experiences that will change how we live, work and play.

  • The most noticeable change coming with 5G will be the speed—for example, downloads will be faster and video streams will start instantly. Businesses will be able to increase efficiency, empower workers and drive innovation in all industries.

  • What do I need to enable 5G?

  • - Network coverage in your area
  • - A 5G compatible router
  • - A 5G SIM card 

      5G coverage 

      Our 5G network is continuously expanding to ensure that we offer you the ultimate 5G experience nationwide 

Experience 5G at home with our 5G Home Broadband packages!

  • Packages
    5G 40 5G 60 5G MAX
    Monthly Rental
    Download Speed (Up-to) ​
    40 Mbps​60 Mbps​
    MAX 5G Speed​
    Upload Speed (Up-to) 
    10 Mbps​15 Mbps​MAX 5G Speed​**
    ​Total Data Allowance* 
    600 GB​
    ​800 GB
    1300 GB​
    ​Unlimited YouTube
    ​Unlimited Weekends
    ​OSN Streaming App***
    24 Months​​24 Months
    24 Months​
    ​5G Router
    ​Additional GBs on Postpaid Lines 
    3 GB​
    3 GB​
    6 GB​

  1. - 5% VAT inclusive
  2. *Usage is limited to the threshold of the package selected. If consumed, the service will downgrade to narrowband speeds and you may easily add extra GBs through our one-off add-ons.
  3. - All 5G Home broadband packages are subject to a one-off installation fee of BD10.500 
  4. All 5G devices are subject to a VAT upfront of BD6.
  5. ** Maximum 5G upload speed is up to 15Mbps.
  6. *** OSN streaming can be claimed within 10 days of line activation and its valid for 1 year subscription. For more information Click here

Data Top Up
Enjoy your pick from a range of data add-ons that are compatible on all 5G Home Broadband Packages.

Add-onThreshold Price
5G Add-on 3
7 GBBD 3.150
5G Add-on 615 GB 30 GB*BD 6.300
​5G Add-on 1030 GB 60 GB*​BD 10.500


-5% VAT inclusive
-Valid for 30 Days from the date of Subscription*Limited time promotion 

Service Fees

ServiceOnce-Off Fee
Change of Owner
BD 5.250
Change of NumberBD 5.250
​Port-in​BD 4.200
​SIM Card Replacement​BD 3.150
​Fixed late payment charge
​BD 3.150
​Downgrade package fees
​BD 5.250
Downgrade package fees with commitment
​BD 26.250

-5% VAT inclusive


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