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5G Home Broadband

Experience Super-fast internet speeds and enjoy unlimited streaming with our 5G Home Broadband plans starting BD11/month!

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Subscribe to or renew your 5G Home Broadband plan for a chance to win one of 5 Audi A3 cars & travel vouchers worth of BD13,200!

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  • Packages
    Super5G Home Broadband 10
    Super5G Home Broadband 15
    Super5G Home Broadband 20 Super5G Home Broadband 35
    Monthly Rental 
    Switch 4 Months FREE Rental*
    24 Months Commitment ONLY
    ​Gadget Offer**
    24 Months Commitment ONLY

    Download Speed 5G 
    (Up to)
    ​50 Mbps​ 100Mbps****
    100 Mbps​
    200 Mbps​
    MAX 5G Speed​
    Upload Speed 5G (Up to)
    20 Mbps
    30 Mbps​
    50 Mbps​
    50 Mbps​
    ​Total Data Allowance
    ​1000 GB Unlimited

    Unlimited YouTube & Netflix

    ​eShop exclusive data
    ​+250GB Valid for 3 months
    ​Free Shared SIMs
    -​1 Free Data SIM
    2 Free Data SIMS
    2 Free Data SIMS
    5G CPE Rental fee (inclusive of VAT)
    ​BD2.75 / Month
    BD2.75 / Month
    Package Commitment - 12 Months
    ​Additional GBs on postpaid line
    ​eShop & Zain App exclusive Guaranteed indoor WiFi*****
    BD2 / Month
    Zain Delight Deals*****
    Available on Zain App​
    Zain delights deals 40.png ​​​ 


-Limited time offer.

  1. -10% VAT inclusive 

  2.  *The 4 months free rental is offered to customers with existing Home broadband connections and who are switching from their current provider to Zain with 24 Months commitment only.

  3. -A router device (one) must be rented with any of the home broadband plans. 

**Devices with Super 5G Home broadband 20 & 35

Devices Super 5G Home Broadband 20Super 5G HomeBroadband 35
Latest i3 Laptop
Latest i5 Laptop
​Tab A7 & Mesh WiFi
50" TV (Hisense/Xiaomi)
55'' TV (Hisense/Xiaomi)
65" TV (Hisense/Xiaomi)
​iPad 10.2-inch iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular 256GB
​Play Station 5 Digital
​PlayStation 5 Blu-Ray 
4 Surveillance cameras
2 Surveillance cameras & 1 Intercom
​4 Surveillance cameras & 1 Intercom
2 Surveillance cameras, 1 Intercom & 3 Mesh WiFi
4 Surveillance cameras, 1 Intercom & 3 Mesh WiFi

- Devices are subject to VAT.

- The devices offer is valid based on stock availability. 

- Gadget offer is not applicable with the 4 months switch offer and must sign 24 months commitment.

  1. -Limited time offer

***Fair usage policy applies at a maximum of 2.6TB. If fully consumed, the speed will be downgraded to 2Mbps.

*** Usage is limited to the threshold of the package selected. If consumed, the service will downgrade to narrowband speeds. You may easily add extra GBs through our Data Passes.

**** Limited Time Promotion: Double Speed offer is valid for any new subscription or upgrade for a promotional period. Once promotion ends, speed will be back to the original plan speed.

*****Indoor WiFi (up to 3 devices) must be taken with 24 months commitment.

******This offer is available for new and existing customers. For more details, click here.

-Free extra SIMs will consume data from the main allowance. Also, the SIMs are not functional with home broadband router devices (i.e. Customer Premise Equipment “CPE”).

- The CPE router device shall remain the property of Zain Bahrain and must be returned to Zain shops once the contract ends or in the event of termination. If the customer fails to return the CPE router, he or she will be liable to pay a penalty fee to Zain Bahrain. 

Prize Draw Calendar

​Audi Schedul
Start DateEnd Date
​1 x Audi A3
​1 x Audi A3
​1 x Audi A3
​1 x Audi A3
​1 x Audi A3

Data Passes
Enjoy your pick from a range of data passes that are compatible on all 5G Home Broadband Packages.

Data PassesOnce Off Fee​Validity​Subscription
100 GB  
BD 3.300​30 Days
​Through Zain App & zBot

250 GB  BD 5.500​30 Days


-10% VAT inclusive
-Data Pass can be used for a set period without being auto-renewed.
-Limited time promotion.

Service Fees

ServiceOnce-Off Fee
Change of Owner
BD 5.500
Change of NumberBD 5.500
​Port-in​BD 4.400
​SIM Card Replacement​BD 3.300
​Fixed late payment charge
​BD 3.300
​Downgrade package fees
​BD 5.500
Downgrade package fees with commitment
​BD 27.500

-10% VAT inclusive


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