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What is Zain Kids?

This safe digital zone, managed by parents on their mobile devices, is equipped with: time limit, in-built parental control, wi-fi mode and offline videos.

The content is a curated set of entertaining and attractive activities, weekly updated, specifically designed or selected for kids. A unique all-you-can-play bundle offer of videos and educational activities exclusively reserved to Zain customers.

Art, music, memory skills, world discovery: the kids will discover attractive content while playing quizzes and much more.? Famous video series with top characters is waiting for you kids!

Service price:

Customer can enjoy 3 days of free use & then get charged a daily fee of 100fils.

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​Service price​
100 fils per day​
How to subscribe to the service​
​How to unsubscribe from the service​
​Send "STOP" to 94443