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​​​​​​​​​Win with Zain!

Participate by sending "yes" to 94100!

Get valuable daily tips and win monthly prizes with Zain!


How to participate

1. Send "2" to 94100.

2. You will receive an explanatory letter when you register and points will be awarded to you.

3. Answer the trivia questions correctly to increase your points.

* 100 fils will be deducted daily after you get the valuable tips.

* You can increase the chances of winning the weekly draw by answering up to 10 questions through sending your answers to 94006 for 500 fils per sent SMS.


What is "Win with Zain" promotion?

"Win with Zain" promotion is a new service from Zain which offers its subscribers the opportunity, once a day, to receive mobile phone content, including various valuable tips. Subscribers will also get a chance to win fabulous prizes.

What are the prizes?

Cash prizes to be introduced with every SMS you receive.      

Where can I get information about the winners?

The information you need on the winners are available on the website:

Would I be able to receive the prize immediately?

Awards will be handed over after at least 30 days from the end of the promotion. Winners will be notified either via phone or SMS or e-mail. Zain will announce the delivery procedure.

Are awards transferrable?


How and where can I claim my prize?

We'll follow up with you if you win any of the awards and let you know where and how you can receive your prize.

Do I need to claim the prize immediately after I win?

If you win, we will notify you about the procedures. Don't worry! Just keep your mobile phone switched on at all times!

Who can win the monthly award?

Random draws will be held to award the participants who received the most number of points during the specified period.

How do I enter the promotion?

Send '1' to 94100

How can I track the points I collected?

Send "points" or "نقاط" to 94100

What word can I send to withdraw from the promotion?

Send 0 to 94100 (free of charge) to stop receiving mobile content and all SMS's.

How would I be informed if I win?

Zain will contact the winner.

What if I wasn't nearby to collect the prize?

You have to receive your prize within 30 days from the date of announcement. 

I am not a subscriber with Zain, Can I participate?

Unfortunately, no. However, you can still get a Zain prepaid card and enter the promotion by sending '1' to 94100

What is the keyword to participate?

Send '1' to 94100 in order to participate in the promotion!

I received an SMS saying: Surprise! Bonus period! Win 100 points.

This means that you have entered a bonus stage where you can earn more points than the usual ones. Whenever you enter this phase, each question you answer and SMS you send will earn you more points. You will be receiving an SMS letting you know about this period and earned points. Don't worry! It's easy! Always answer the questions at all bonus stages!

How many points I earn when I answer the questions?

If you answer the question correctly, you get at least 100 points. If your answer was wrong or invalid (other than 1 or 2), you get 50 points. During the promotion, there will be many bonus stages that offer you more than 100 points. Send more SMS's to find out.

Who cannot participate in the promotion and win prizes?

All employees and trainees in Zain and their immediate relatives.

Is there a limit to the number of SMS's that can be sent?

You can answer up to 10 questions a day.

If I answered the questions incorrectly, would I still get points?

Yes, you will still get points. For each wrong answer, you will get 50 points.

I receive different number of points with each question. What happened? Is this the fault of the system or something else?

No need to worry about this. The promotion includes some bonus stages where participants earn points more than usual. Every time you enter such a stage, you will receive an SMS explaining how the bonus stage works. Please check your inbox to read the SMS.

Would I lose my earned points?

Points are specified every month.

 How much the SMS I receive from 94300 cost? It includes daily points and mobile content (Valuable Tips)?

100 fils / day.

Do I pay for the SMS I send to 94006?

Yes, it costs BD 1 per SMS.

 I received many SMS's on the promotion. Do I pay for these?

No, they are free of charge.

What is the contact number of the call centre?

If you have any question on the promotion, please call Customer Service Centre free of charge.


For more information, visit one of Zain's branches or call Customer Service Centre.​

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