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What is Zain Pay?

Zain Pay is a payment service that allows our customers to pay for apps, games and online content from different app stores and websites with the convenience of having all of their purchases consolidated into their mobile bill or prepaid account; without the need for credit card details

How Zain Pay works?

Zain Pay Simply allows you to purchase digital content and charge the purchase directly to your mobile phone bill or use your prepaid credit

How to use the service:

Step 1: choose what you want to purchase, then choose the Zain Pay option.

Step 2: you will see a payment screen detailing what you are buying. Follow the instructions to confirm

Step 3: you will receive a confirmation SMS with the amount. The amount will be deducted from your balance or added to your monthly bill.

App Name Description Price

Anghami Plus.jpg
With Anghami Plus you can play and download millions of Arabic and International music tracks, as well as poetry and Bollywood. 
Subscribe now for a 30 day free trial.
To subscribe:  send SUB 4 to 94005
To unsubscribe: send UNSUB 4 to 94005
500 fils/week​​

Enjoy Unlimited TV Shows & Movies from Hollywood & The Arab World with Telly!
To subscribe:  send SUB TELLY to 94005
To unsubscribe: send UNSUB TELLY to 94005
1 Week FREE! ​​
Phone Guard.png  
Finally your phone is safe, your info will never be stolen...Download Phone Guard mobile App to secure your data
To subscribe:  send SUB PG to 94005
To unsubscribe: send UNSUB PG to 94005
400 fils/week

secret box.png
Hide calls, messages, pictures & videos, make a secret phone book, and hide even the SecretBox app itself.
To subscribe:  send SUB SB to 94005
To unsubscribe: send UNSUB SB to 94005

400 fils/week
In this online game, you will be a real football coach! You will take charge of your own football club, play matches, and earn coins that can buy you various upgrades: stadiums, players, performa nce improvements, etc. BD1
Big Barn World.jpg Build the ultimate farm with the help of your friends with Big Barn World! Get it now through
Zain Pay
To subscribe:  send SUB BBW to 94005
To unsubscribe: send UNSUB BBW to 94005

500 fils/week
OneCard_EN.jpg Shop for over 8,000 products and services, and countless apps and games through Zain Pay.
To subscribe:  send SUB ONECARD to 94005
To unsubscribe: send UNSUB ONECARD to 94005
For packages, please visit www.onecard .net
riyadh.png Video service adapted from the book of “Riad El Sali7in”.   Enrich your knowledge with thoughts from the Prophet PBUH
To subscribe:  send SUB RS to 94005
To unsubscribe: send UNSUB RS to 94005

400 fils/week
Shahid_Brandmark-Artwork_Arabic-Reversed-RGB.jpg  Watch the latest ARABIC movies without ads and browse the largest TV programmes library on Shahid Plus.
To unsubscribe:
 send UNSUB SHAHID1 to 94005
To unsubscribe:
 send UNSUB SHAHID2 to 94005
BD 2/ month

7 Days Free Trial
Al3abi logo-01.png With Zain, you can now enjoy unlimited access to all the games on the Al3abi app.
To subscribe:  send SUB HL to 94005
To unsubscribe: send UNSUB HL to 94005

400 fils/week
kj.png ​​
Jawabkom is the leading Q&A website that connects users to certified experts who can answer urgent/serious questions quickly.
To subscribe:  send SUB JW4 to 94005
To unsubscribe: send UNSUB JW4 to 94005

BD 4/Month
skildrby.png SkillDerby offers a catalogue of HTML5 games where players compete for the highest score, or in the featured weekly game tournament. 
To subscribe:  send SUB SKILLDERBY to 94005
To unsubscribe: send UNSUB SKILLDERBY to 94005

150 fils/day
Lamsa-Logo-901x1024.jpg Lamsa is the ultimate Arabic library for children education and entertainment delivered through interactive stories and fun games for kids 
To subscribe:  send SUB LAMSA2 to 94005
To unsubscribe: send UNSUB LAMSA2 to 94005
500 fils/week
800x800-Logo.png Games Box offers a wide selection of popular HTML5 games from different categories such as Puzzle, Brain, Family, Action, Sports, and Classic/Retro.
To unsubscribe:
 send SUB WGBOX to 94005
To unsubscribe:
 send UNSUB WGBOX to 94005
To unsubscribe:
 send SUB GBOX to 94005
To unsubscribe:
 send UNSUB GBOX to 94005
150 fils/day
kaspersky-internet-icon.png Kaspersky Internet Security for Android is an antivirus solution to help protect your devices, privacy and personal information against online dangers.

To subscribe send:  SUB 88 to 94005
To unsubscribe send: UNSUB 88 to 94005

250 fils/week
Altibbi-logo-new.jpg is an online Arabic medical dictionary, medical reference, medical portal and medical assistance all in one site and all in Arabic.
To unsubscribe:
 send SUB ALT1 to 94005
To unsubscribe:
 send UNSUB ALT1 to 94005
To unsubscribe:
 send SUB ALT2 to 94005
To unsubscribe:
 send UNSUB ALT2 to 94005

Viu Logo.png
Watch thousands of hours of the best movies, series and shows in more than 8 languages
To unsubscribe:
 send SUB VIUM to 94005
To unsubscribe:
 send UNSUB VIUM to 94005
To unsubscribe:
 send SUB VIUD to 94005
To unsubscribe:
 send UNSUB VIUD to 94005

200 fils / Day

YuppTV is a video-on-demand platform with over 100 Live Indian TV Channels, 10 days of catch-up TV, and the latest regional and Bollywood/Hindi movies
To unsubscribe:
 send SUB YPM to 94005
To unsubscribe:
 send UNSUB YPM to 94005
To unsubscribe:
 send SUB YPW to 94005
To unsubscribe:
 send UNSUB YPW to 94005
To unsubscribe:
 send SUB YPD to 94005
To unsubscribe:
 send UNSUB YPD to 94005

200 fils/Day

0.750 fils/Week


Open a world of unlimited Bollywood entertainment with Hungama Video World
To subscribe:  send SUB HUNGAMA to 94005
To unsubscribe: send UNSUB HUNGAMA to 94005


Get access to the most popular games of all time. Key features include; Easy Access to All Games, New Games Added Continually. Best Brands from Iconic Studios.
To subscribe:  send SUB GOPLAY to 94005
To unsubscribe: send UNSUB GOPLAY to 94005

700 fils/week
2 Days Free Trial
​Cricwick is a platform where users get real-time scores of all the international cricket matches. In addition, we also cover domestic leagues including PSL, IPL, BBL, APL, Canada T20 League, and T10 Cricket League. Our coverage includes in-match clips, pre and post matches reviews, Live Stream (Selected Events Only), latest news and articles of the cricketing world.
To subscribe:
  send SUB 2 to 94005
To unsubscribe: send UNSUB 2 to 94005
To subscribe:
  send SUB 1 to 94005
To unsubscribe: send UNSUB 1 to 94005

500 fils/weekly 
100 fils/daily

​Laki description: Laki is an Arabic based video content app dedicated for women. It offers tutorial videos in Beauty, Fashion, Health, Nutrition, Lifestyle and Travelling and Cooking recipes.
To subscribe:  send SUB LAKI to 94005
To unsubscribe: send UNSUB LAKI to 94005

850 fils/weekly​
​Amazing Videos description:  Amazing Videos is an Arabic based video content app offers Entertainment, educational, infotainment, funny videos. Different categories users can view world mysteries, wow nature, wild animals, underwater life, touristic places, illusion mumdo, how it works, foot pop, extreme sports, and extreme fails.
To subscribe:  send SUB AV to 94005
To unsubscribe: send UNSUB AV to 94005

400 fils/weekly​
space manager.png
​Space Manager description: Space Manager is an automatic phone multimedia/data organizing Utility app. Offers premium users 500 GB cloud storage to store Images, Video, and Audio on an online cloud account that can be accessed via mobile phone and desktop. The service portal and app provide the user backup and access private content on cloud storage
To subscribe:  send SUB SM to 94005
To unsubscribe: send UNSUB SM to 94005

​500 fils/weekly
Halocell Logo.png
​Halocell Ringtone: This service provides mobile ringtones of various categories. All music file can be downloaded from the content portal.
To subscribe:  send SUB RT to 94005
To unsubscribe: send UNSUB RT to 94005

150 fils/daily​
Halocell Logo.png
​Halocell Cartoon: This service provides cartoon video clips that are suitable for all age groups. All video clips can be downloaded from the content portal. 
To subscribe:  send SUB CA to 94005
To unsubscribe: send UNSUB CA to 94005

150 fils/daily​
Halocell Logo.png
​Halocell Games: This service provides various categories of HTML 5 games such as action, racing, puzzle and more. 
To subscribe:  send SUB GM to 94005
To unsubscribe: send UNSUB GM to 94005

​150 fils/daily
Halocell Logo.png
​Halocell Infotainment: This service provides information and entertainment video clips that are suitable for all age groups. All video clips can be downloaded from the content portal.
To subscribe:  send SUB DL to 94005
To unsubscribe: send UNSUB DL to 94005

150 fils/daily​
​Is a service which deals with the animals' nations mentioned in the Holy Quran, their community lives, their perceptions, their senses and God’s miracle in their creation.
To subscribe:  send SUB OA to 94005
To unsubscribe: send UNSUB OA to 94005

​400 fils/week
​Is a service which presents comprehensive analysis and review of the locals mentioned in the Holy Quran. Amongst the most interesting areas explored: the locale of Noah Flood, the cave, the Kaaba, the Aqsa Mosque and Babel.
To subscribe:  send SUB MA to 94005
To unsubscribe: send UNSUB MA to 94005

​400 fils/week
Premium mobile games without Ads and in-app purchases.
Top games like Rayman, Price of Persia, Lara Croft, Assassin's Creed, Cut the Rope and lots more.
To subscribe:  send SUB PW to 94005
To unsubscribe: send UNSUB PW to 94005

​150 fils/day
1 day free trail
The service offers users access to Buz2mobile portal to download and enjoy unlimited download of mix contents (video, wallpapers, Android Apps & games, E-learning) during the subscription period.
To subscribe:  send SUB 22 to 94005
To unsubscribe: send UNSUB 22 to 94005

150 fils/day
ZERGAME is an online game site based on HTML5 technology
To subscribe:
  send SUB ZER to 94005
To unsubscribe: send UNSUB ZER to 94005”

150 fils/day​
    • A brain training service, available on app and web, where users can play SOLO or COMPETE against other players to rise to the top of the leaderboard with 5 key challenge types
    • To subscribe:  send SUB BQ to 94005
      To unsubscribe: send UNSUB BQ to 94005
​700 fils/week
1 day free trail
  • This is a Yoga portal for mobile and desktop users. There are more than 100 asanas and video turotials for any type of user from beginner to professional, yogi articles about yoga history and practuce, various nature sounds and backgrounds to boost user experience.
  • To subscribe:  send SUB YFU to 94005
    To unsubscribe: send UNSUB YFU to 94005
​500 fils/week
1 day free trail
PlayVOD is a video on demand multi-device compatibility service, with more than 350 movies & series which includes Arabic & African content.
It is an adaptive streaming, download and watch later service (Airplane mode). With the possibility to watch on 3 screens simultaneously.

To subscribe:
To unsubscribe: send UNSUB VOD to 88888

150 fils/day​


For more information, please call 107.

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