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What is the Ringback Tunes (RBT) Service?

With the Ringback Tu​nes Service, you can entertain your callers until you answer their calls with the latest hit tunes, poems, best Islamic prayers, etc. in several languages!  Enter the World of RBT by clicking here:

How to subscribe?

Subscribe now through one of the following steps and get the latest RBTs for only 500 fils/month/Tune:

1. Click on the link now-              

2. Dial *818# and choose your favorite tune.

3. Send song name, album name, artist name or movie name to 81818 and set RBT.

4.  Call any Zain RBT customer and press * before they answer the call to copy their tune.        

 What are the charges to activate RBT service?

User will be charged a monthly fees of 500 fils per tune for RBT service.

How do I activate the service?

For activating RBT Service, you simply need to click here - or dial *818# and choose from the menu or call any Zain RBT subscriber and press * before your caller answers the phone.

Can I play my tunes in a loop (Shuffling)?

Yes. You simply need to dial *818# and choose from manage account and select shuffle your tunes. Once done all the tunes in your library will start playing in the shuffle.

Can I deactivate a specific tune?

Yes. You simply need to dial *818# and choose from manage account or send DEL <song code> to 81818.

How can I deactivate the service?

The subscriber can deactivate the service by dialing *818# and choose from manage options.

Or the subscriber can send STOP to 81818 to deactivate the full service.

How much does it cost?  

Service price
​Download a Tune
Charges per tune : 500 fils \ Month 



* For more information, please call 107.

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