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We firmly believe in our duty towards the community. We pay back to people ​and the environment through various initiatives all year long.

​​​​​​Zain Bahrain and the community

​​​​​At ZAIN BAHRAIN, we believe that a corporate entity has a very important role to play in supporting the aspirations of its community through focussed CSR efforts. Since our inception in Bahrain in 2003, we have worked very hard to ensure we consistently demonstrate our commitment to the greater community. Our key CSR initiatives are built around Education, Youth Activities, Empowering women, supporting people and children with special needs, pushing technological awareness and environmental programmes to help preserve the best of our environment.

Since the beginning, our community initiatives have been focused towards Education with a concentration on sponsoring major educational initiatives, Youth Development and Empowerment, and caring for Individuals (Youth and Children) with Special needs. To this, we have also added an effective outreach program aimed at all segments in the society with carefully calibrated CSR projects.

We are also investing in GenNext through our one-of-its-kind Future University Network which gives young people a hands-on experience of work in the company and exposure to the acclaimed Zain work culture that combine​s encouragement of leadership skills, innovation and recognition. The F.U.N. project envisages preparing young Bahraini university students for the job market of the future, either with Zain or externally.

Zain Bahrain’s role in the community is routinely discussed at management and department meetings at the local level in Bahrain and at the regional level and we are always reviewing our strategies to be in line with our business objectives, Community related initiatives and of course we keep a close eye on the Community’s evolving needs.

As Zain Bahrain, we shall continue to partner the process of progress and change in Bahrain. We see ourselves as an important community partner and benefactor and above all, a stake-holder in Bahrain’s future prosperity as outlined in the leadership’s Vision 2030.​​​​​