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Sustainability Report 2017: Building the Future​

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The 7th edition of our annual Sustainability Report entitled, “Together Everyone Achieves More” communicates transparent, in-depth reporting on the socio-economic and environmental impacts of our operations for the year 2017. 
2017 marks a year full of milestones when it comes to the company’s sustainability agenda. Zain continued to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals, from empowering entrepreneurs to increase their chance to attain gainful employment for Goal 8, to providing students with meals in Sudan under the Student Meal Project for Goal 1. 

In addition, the company continued to address the plight of refugees in the region through services such as Zain Cash in Iraq and Jordan, community outreach programs which include Donate a Jacket in Kuwait and the IDP Information Centre in Iraq. 

A major turning point for the organization in 2017, was establishing a Self-Assessment Questionnaire through Zain Group’s Procurement Department. This Questionnaire is based on international best practices, the ESMP Guidelines and the Supplier Code of Conduct. Lastly, the company took an extensive step to better manage and standardize the collection and quantification of energy information such as electricity and fuel consumptions. 

We remain committed in maintaining our leadership position in pursuing sustainability internally and externally, ensuring that Zain remains a force for positive growth and prosperity throughout our markets.

 As per every year, our sustainability reporting guidelines are based on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 framework, and is partially assured by independent auditors that have authenticated the content of the report..​

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