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Zain Bahrain kicked off the 'E-Waste Recycling Initiative' in cooperation with the Supreme Council for Environment (SCE) and Crown Industries to raise awareness about electronic waste, promote its proper recycling and ensure that end-of-life electronics are disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.

The E-waste recycling initiative comes under our corporate responsibility to promote environmental awareness and find a solution to waste challenges through responsible E-waste management.

Electronic Waste (E-waste) refers to unwanted and discarded electronics such as mobile phones, computers, and televisions. Each year, more and more electronics are manufactured, bought, used and then discarded, making E-waste the fastest growing waste stream in the world, producing 70% of society's overall toxic waste.

Common types of electronic waste include, but not limited to, TVs, monitors, computers, laptops, mouses, keyboards, printers/scanners, MP3 players, VCR and DVD players, fax machines, etc. That being said, 20 to 50 million metric tons of E-waste are disposed worldwide every year, but only 20% is actually recycled.

Many consumers around the world are still not sure how to safely dispose of old electronics; 80% of them are thrown in landfills, releasing threatening substances such as lead, cadmium, and mercury into the air, ground and water, which in turn pollute our drinking water and harm ecosystems around the world.

It's time to fix the problem. Proper E-waste recycling can prevent thousands of toxic chemicals from harming us. Instead of burning and dumping your unwanted electronics, selling or donating them online or finding ways to fix them can fundamentally reduce E-waste's negative impact on the environment.

We at Zain HQ invited our employees to place any unwanted or expired electronic waste in an E-waste drop box, collected daily by Crown Industries, the pioneer recycling operation in Bahrain, who will then export the items to different parts of the world to be recycled according to international standards.

Help us conserve our planet's resources; Reduce, reuse & recycle your E-waste.

You can also be a part of this movement, and commit to taking action against E-waste, if you have any E-waste that you would like to dispose of, you can bring it to Zain Bahrain HQ in Seef Area, and place it in the containers available!


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