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'Diverse Speakers, Enriching ideas'

Aswat is a platform that promotes thinkers, advocates, and change-makers to likeminded people and mobile users with a growing library of audio content.

 The podcasts will be sponsored by Zain Bahrain, to be in line with community-related initiatives and is part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities that are in line with UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The topics will range from climate change, youth empowerment, inclusivity, and sustainability. With diverse speakers such as Haya Al Doseri, Aisha Fakhro, and more to come in the upcoming future.

 We are signatory to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and always seek to support the SDGs across its business. We have continuously focused on initiatives towards Education and training with a concentration on youth development and empowerment, fostering the process of progress and change in the Kingdom and its future prosperity as outlined in the leadership Vision 2030.


On the first episode of Aswat, Haya Al Doseri (@green.sprouts) talks about Eco-Education with Ms. Duaa Aldrees, on questions such as how can we raise children to grow up loving our planet and be environmentally conscious? The episode will also discuss Duaa's parenting style that diverts her children to be educated about protecting the environment and be aware of humans' effect on it. Duaa Aldrees is an environmental activist based in Kuwait. She spends her time spreading educational and societal awareness about our planet, sustainable commerce, and organic food. Listen to the episode now:

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Climate Change in the Middle East


In this episode, join Haya Al Doseri in a  discussion on climate change and global warming, and their effect on our region with Professor Faisal Al-Majali, a specialist in geography and climate sciences and a faculty member at King Saud University in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where Professor Faisal answers these questions and discusses the future of the Middle East with the climate change. Mr. Faisal will also provide practical and effective every day solutions to reduce climate change’s damages we all can contribute in.   

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Resilient minds, Resilient Bodies

 Diving into movement, pain, and recovery with a physiotherapist. This episode of Aswat offers a whole new mindset of looking at the body by peeling away some of the false limitations often imposed on the human body. Where Aisha Fakhro talks about the psychology behind pain and the importance of physio-client dynamics (and client empowerment) in the process of overcoming challenges and injuries.

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Indoor Pollution

In a discussion on Indoor Pollution, Haya Al Doseri and Dr. Fahad Turkistani will exchange ideas on indoor pollutants and how to avoid them, the latest research on the matter, and how to create healthy homes for our families for a better tomorrow. You can listen to the episode via: 

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How I Went From Stay At Home Mom to Working Mom

How can women navigate through life while balancing their careers while raising children? In this episode, Wafa Al Obaidat talks about the ambitious women who aim to concur both the motherhood world and the professional one. She also tells stories of young women who are starting their own companies, managing personal finances, the type of investments all women should be making in their 20s, and more. You can listen to the episode via: 


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