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Zain Bahrain Extends its Data Roaming Coverage to The Bahamas

Zain Bahrain (B.S.E.: ZAINBH), a telecommunications industry innovator in the Kingdom, has extended its roaming coverage services to The Bahamas Islands, enabling customers to stay connected and protected with affordable prices in 101 countries.

Zain Bahrain meets the communication needs of its traveling customers with various global roaming passes starting from BHD 11 with a validity of up to 30 days. These passes allow Zain customers to stay connected and enjoy data services while traveling.

Customers who subscribe to one of the roaming passes can use data roaming with peace of mind. Zain has implemented multiple controls to ensure that the customers are not charged extra data usage. These controls include that the mobile will only select the networks included in the roaming add-on automatically. If the user manually selects a network not part of the partner's list, then the data roaming usage will be blocked, and no data usage charge will be possible.

Further, once the data allowance has been consumed, a notification will be sent, and the data roaming service will be stopped. These measures will ensure our customers have control over their data usage and enjoy their mobile services without going through the hassle of purchasing a new mobile service in each country they visit.

Jaffar Abdulla, Zain Bahrain Wholesale & Roaming Manager, commented, "It's a holiday season, and many of our customers and their families have already planned their vacations. Zain Bahrain enhanced Global Data Roaming Passes will allow customers to stay in touch while roaming seamlessly in 101 countries, through 173 roaming partners."

Zain Bahrain customers can subscribe to roaming passes through Zain Bahrain App or dialing *900#. The complete list of covered countries and respective operators is available on the company's website, which is updated frequently.

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