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Enjoy the widest roaming coverage available in Bahrain! Enjoy everything from international calls, to SMS and Data wherever you go at unbeatable rates.​

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​Roam With Zain

Choose up to 4 mobile data connections, and an impressive range of devices (tablets, MiFi or the e-GO dongle), starting from BD4 per month!

With Zain, the most innovative operator in Bahrain, you will enjoy:

  • The widest and most reliable network coverage.
  • The most competitive local and international call rates.
  • The richest variety of services.

Using your mobile abroad has never been simpler.

To select Zain, simply switch your phone manually to Zain BH (BHR02/MTC-Vodafone/MTC-VB/426 02)

BlackBerry1. Menu
2. Manage Connection
3. Mobile Network Option
4. Network Selection Mode
5. Manual
iPhone1. Settings
2. Carrier
3. Manual
Nokia1. Menu
2. Tools
3. Settings
4. Phone settings
5. Network selection
6. Manual
Sony Ericsson1. Connectivity
2. GSM Network
3. Select Network
Samsung1. Menu
2. (Extras)
3. Network services
4. Network selection
5. Manual
Siemens1. Setup
2. Network
3. Configuration
4. Network info
Motorola1. Menu
2. Settings
3. Network
4. Available network

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