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Get the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus and enjoy the unbeatable Social SMARTPlans!

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​iPhone 7​

Experience iPhone 7 on our SIM Only​ Plans

Designed for the ultimate social media experience, the new iPhone 7 will unleash the photographer and videographer in everyone. The dual-camera gets it right at day or night, making low-light captures better than ever. Make streaming double the fun with the bold new stereo speakers. Gaming gets serious too with a faster chip and increased memory providing a seamless experience. Even better, you'll enjoy all of this for far longer with a new larger battery.​​

SIM ONLY Plans                    

Package ​​SIM ONLY 7 ​SIM ONLY 11​​​​​SIM ONLY 15
​​RentalBD 7 ​BD 11 ​ ​​​​​ ​BD 15​
​ContractNon-contracted​12 Months​Non-contracted​​12 MonthsNon-contracted​12 Months​​
Free Local Minutes350550​600​​800​11001300
​​Data 4G LTE*
8 GB
10 GB​​12 GB
​15 GB​16 GB22 GB
Local Call Rates15 fils​10 fils​15 fils​10 fils15 fils​10 fils​
SMS Rates​​30 fils​30 fils30 fils​​​30 fils30 fils​​​30 fils​​


* Usage is limited to the threshold of the package selected. Once consumed the data package will stop, you may easily add extra GBs through our once-off Add-ons.​​

iPhone 7 on Installment​

Device Name12 Months Installment18 Months Installment​​24 Months Installment
iPhone 7 32GB23.0015.3411.50
iPhone 7 128GB26.50​​17.6713.25
iPhone 7 256GB​30.0020.00​15.00
iPhone 7 Plus 32GB27.5018.3413.75​
iPhone 7 Plus 128GB30.5020.3415.25
iPhone 7 Plu​s 256GB34.00​22.6717.00​


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