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Let your business reap the fruits of a reliable Broadband connection and voice call service.​

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​4G LTE Plans

4G Your World with the new 4G LTE Business packages​​

Package Rent​Speed - Up toFUP Threshold4G DeviceSuper Feature​
Browser​BD12/Month15 Mbps100 GB*FREEN/A
Streamer​BD16/Month25 Mbps30 GB*FREEUnlimited YouTube**
Downloader​BD16/Month15 Mbps4GB / Day*FREE120GB/Month
Gamer​BD16/MonthMax 4G30 GB*FREEEnhanced Gaming Experience (Public IP)
Hero​BD 20/MonthMax 4G200 GB*FREEUnlimited Half Day***
Raider​BD35/MonthMax 4G350 GB*FREEUnlimited Half Day*** & Additional Share Sim




*Usage is limited to the threshold of the package selected. If consumed, you may easily add extra GBs through our once-off add-ons. (See the below table)

**FUP applies @100GB of Youtube usage.

***2am to 2pm. (FUP applies)

Data Top-ups
Enjoy your pick from the n​ew range of  data add-ons that are compatible on all 4G LTE Home Broadband packages.​

4G LTE Add-Ons 25 GB*BD 2 
4G LTE Add-Ons 4​​
12 GB*BD 4
4G LTE Add-Ons 620 GB*​BD 6​
4G LTE Unlimited Half
 Day Add-Ons​
​Unlimited Downloads
 from 2am to 2pm​
​4G LTE Downloader Add-on3GB/Day**​​BD1

* Valid for 30 days from the date of subscription.
** Valid for one day and only for the Downloader package.​​

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