Internet Data Bundles on your mobile


It is a service where zain customer can pay a fixed amount each month for using the mobile internet. Zain customers will enjoy accessing the internet to browse, download or chat from their Smartphone devices freely without worrying about high Data charges.

The below tables shows the different data bolt on packages:

Bolt OnPostpaid PackagesAfter Threshold Consumption
5GB*BD 6Unlimited
8GB*BD 10Unlimited
10GB*BD 15Unlimited

*Fair usage policy applies.

How to add or delete the service:

  • Through zain experience shop and the customer should sign a change request form.
  • Through 107 and the contact center agent should do the verification to the customer.

Prepaid Smartphone users e.g. “iphone, Samsung, Nokia, Ericsson” etc… will be able to access internet at very attractive prices. Data bundles will allow them to browse, stream, send instance messaging and social networking application freely without worrying about the high pay as you go charges.

PricePrepaid PackageThreshold
500 Fils24 hours (Daily)Unlimited
BD 27 days (Weekly)1 GB
BD 830 days (Monthly)5 GB
BD 1530 days(Monthly)Unlimited

How to add or delete the service:

  • Dial *555#, then select “Mobile Internet” to get new package and check their Balance and even to renew on monthly bases.

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